Battle Pass Season 4 Tanks

Datamining the official client, and judging by the number of new styles for these new tanks, we can safely say that Object 268 version 4 (USSR) and Badger (UK) will be the tanks featured in the next Battle Pass. It should start next month.

10 thoughts on “Battle Pass Season 4 Tanks

  1. Again RU-sh1t?
    Again and again and again and.. F U WG!!! There are other nations too!!

  2. France and Germany are the two biggest tech tree nations that have not yet been featured yet in BP, yet USSR may be for 3rd time? Come on WG…

    1. That would be unlikely. Wg wont give all the rewards at the sametime and then scare the players away. So it should start mid or late january

  3. This is gonna be a joy. 268-4s all over tier 10, 4 per team with their incredible magic armour and hard hitting massive gun, and medium mobility speed.

    The reason they make everything russian, is so they can point to the stats and say “Da! see? Russian best in the world comrade, most popular tier 10 tank is IS7” etc, etc.

    What they don’t tell you is, the russian tech tree is FULL of hidden bias:

    So many russian tanks DON’T need to spend xp on suspension upgrades, to upgrade other parts,

    T54 best gun pressing 2 key gets you the LARGEST increase in penetration, a WHOPPING 119mm EXTRA PEN!!!….in a medium tank!!!!,

    a lot of the parts (used to be not sure nowadays) interchangeable on tanks, for example an engine researched at tier 9 in a medium, was also unlocked on the TD branch at the same tier,

    take a look at HOW EASY it is to get comfortable playing the Obj 430 tier 9…BAM! you got the top best gun as soon as you research the tank….,

    and fuck me (in Gordon Ramsays best voice), how EASY are ALL the russian tech tree grinds, compared to the other nations?…ok french lights/ meds are pretty easy/ fun too from about tier 7 up…but really???, damn son remember when 0bj704 had 900 alpha?.

    how many premium medium and heavy tank russians are there now?, too many for one player to need for crew training or credit farming, spoilt for choice, while other nations remain limited mostly to lower than tier 8s, and only 1 tier 8 tank.

    we all know russian tanks rarely get nerfed, or if rebalanced, very feebly,

    the russian tech tree has the least amount of “difficult to grind through” tanks per branch,

    the russian tech tree is the most comprehensive,

    the 30% shop discounts WG were giving out (I got 2 of them for great battles), I used to be able to exchange them for a Lowe, which I already owned, so I essentially got 30% off the gold value of a Lowe, then WG removed the Lowe because many players were doing this, making it look as Lowe was most popular premium tier 8 by sales, and replaced Lowe with GUESS WHAT TANK then became the most expensive to trade your 30% coupon for…??? You guessed it… the IS6!!!

    blueprints for russian tanks are handed out like 1 cent candy, russians for EVERYONE!!!…Poland, Chek, Japan, Sweden etc enter the chat…

    “Wow look comrade, Is6 best selling tier 8 premium tank ever…”.

    I’m not bashing the russians, it’s their game, but I AM gonna point out all the obvious bias swinging the game absolutely in their favour.

    Now please explain power creep, and how has the Defender Obj 252u remained so powerful all these years?.

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