Wargaming no longer involved with Caliber

tl;dr: Wargaming will no longer be involved in this game. From now on, the game will be in the hands of Studio 1C. The only question is when this project will be completely closed. Maybe in 2, 3 years?

In connection with the transition of Caliber to independent operation of 1C Game Studios, the project is waiting for a “move” to new servers, a launcher and a store. The version of “Caliber” will be improved and filled with new content after the restart. Caliber will be removed from Wargaming Game Center. Therefore, 1C Game Studios will publish Caliber.

For four years, Caliber was created by 1C Game Studios and Wargaming. During this time, thanks to the hard work of the team and the support of the players, the project has gone from an idea to a working game with an audience of thousands.

From January 27, 2021, the game “Caliber” is fully transferred to the operation of 1C Game Studios. Wargaming will continue to develop flagship projects and implement new ideas. This decision takes into account the interests of both parties, and the partner companies made it together. All the victorious fights held in” Caliber” and for “Caliber” up to this time are the common merit of the players and all participants of the unified team of 1C Game Studios and Wargaming!

The transfer of cases is in full swing now. 1C Game Studios is working on technologies and services that are needed for self-publishing the game. New content is also created at the same time. For example, the first female division will appear in “Caliber”, the first map of the new theater of operations, the Combat Pass will be launched, the account and operatives will be upgraded more flexibly and will make the game more interesting.

You can try out some changes from the future update and participate in the quest on the Sandbox test server. It will be launched next week. To leave an application to participate, simply register on the website playcaliber.com. We will send you an invitation by email when access to the Sandbox is open.

You can also link your Wargaming ID to your Caliber account on new sites in advance to transfer your purchase data. By doing this, you will allow us to fully compensate all funds invested in the game. To do this, register as an old player.

Project migration is a complex procedure that requires serious technical solutions. Caliber will be served by other servers and placed in a new launcher, and a new store will be created. Features of data transmission require zeroing before launching the “Caliber” at new capacities. All your real money invested in the project will be fully refunded, and success in the game will be rewarded with special bonuses, from emblems to sets of several operatives.

📰 “After the start of the OBT, we said that there would be no more wipe. At that time, we were sure of this and certainly did not expect that the situation would turn out this way. We know that this is an acute moment for the players. Therefore, we have developed a compensation system and prepared bonuses for players of different levels of involvement. Operatives from the Premium store earned in the Battle Pass will be re-credited, and all real money invested in the product will be reimbursed with the same goods and game gold. The team continues to actively work on improving the game. Now we have two main goals — to make the transition quick and painless, and the “Caliber” itself even more diverse and interesting for players.”
– Creative producer of the game Albert “Loft” Zhiltsov.

We thank all the Caliber players for their support of the project — we have many more interesting missions and high-profile victories ahead of us. Fight!

Frequently asked questions:

  1. When will Caliber move to the new site?

– Transition of the project to full operation of 1C Game Studios will take place on January 27, 2021. At the same time, accounts will be migrated, and the game will “move” from Wargaming Game Center to the new launcher. We will inform you about specific dates later. Follow the news in the official Caliber groups on social networks and on the website playcaliber.com.

  1. Will “Caliber” remain in Wargaming Game Center or appear in another launcher?
    — To start the game, you will need to download a new launcher and reinstall the game client. Links will be posted on the game’s website. When the launcher is available for download, we will inform you later.

  2. I want to transfer my account and continue playing Caliber. How much time do I have to do this?

– You will be able to link your Wargaming ID to your new account at least until June 1, 2021. We are currently working to extend this period as much as possible or remove all restrictions altogether. We will keep you updated on any changes. Account transfer occurs at the time of your authorization on the site playcaliber.com via Wargaming Open ID .

4 thoughts on “Wargaming no longer involved with Caliber

  1. That is roughly 9 projects now WG has been involved in that they’ve cancelled or gave up on with only 2 of those being mild successes(WoWs and Masters of Orion). My guess is WG backed out of Caliber because they’re having to seriously cut back on spending.

    I’m kind of surprised WG doesn’t simply create a game like Crossout but with WoT assets to where you can build your own death machines. If you’ve never played Crossout well I recommend it since its stupid simple fun and not nearly as frustrating as WoT currently is.

  2. Another WG project crashing an burning.

    You would almost guess that WG is still the very inexperienced game development studio they were before they got insanely lucky with WoT.
    The same flawed mentality which at this very moment is taking the balancing of WoT itself in a detrimental and eventually fatal direction. Focussing on artificially providing the worst players with a good gaming experience will eventually degrade the quality of your entire game.

    It’s time for WG to stop trying to make a “new WoT success” and focussing on getting their one and only good game back on tracks and properly balanced, before that can get canned as well.

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