9 thoughts on “🇺🇸 T26E4 SuperPershing Available on EU

  1. And here I’m waiting for a gold discount on tech tree-attached premiums just to get this beast :/

    I’ve been wishing to have one ever since I started playing the game 🙁

    1. many people are sitting on piles of gold from xmas 2019, so WG already got that money for them pixels. not giving any premium tank gold discounts is part of their larger gold sink scam and allows them to make people pay real money twice as much, having them unable to spend their worthless pixel currency on anything useful/wanted.

      only thing we can do – unless you plan to abandon the game for good – is to abstain from any cash flow towards WG during xmas 2020. No other way to hurt them and show them that we do not approve of their gold/credits sink scams (e.g. equipment 2-crap-0) and their mega fail of a sub-spectacular 10th anniversary.

      1. Well I haven’t really invested any money myself – got a 10-box pack from my brother as a gift (and found the SU PM and all lower tiers in them – the one time I ever got lucky in my life), but I’ve only ever spent real money once on my account, to buy the Churchill III back in 2014 heheh

        Bottom of the line is, I have about 20k gold hoarded from the old esl and cw, as well as other free sources, but I don’t wanna spend it on a full priced SuPersh 🙁
        And yeah, it makes total sense that they’d do that, maximise profits by any cost…classic WG ;3

        Still, I really want the tank, I’ll brobs buy it at full gold price in the tree if it doesn’t come up in the advent calendar

        1. Super Pershing is nice and unique tank. I played a lot earlier, but sold when they offered full refunds to gold in order to buy T34.Not sure if it still has prem. MM but they buffed pennetration to 200, so it should work even in these days

          1. WordPress hates me so I can’t leave you a like. I agree with you though, still a great tank

    2. I don’t think the Super Pershing has much value in the current meta. Low DPM and abysmal mobility, as well as poor gun handling for a 90mm gun (seriously, there are several heavies with better soft stats) make it more of a clumsy piniata for all the faster tanks, and of course arty. Granted you are next to invincible when hulldown and if the red tanks don’t shoot your cupola, but that’s nothing new.

      I’d suggest you save the gold for some better deal, and if you’re full F2P and also good enough hey, the Object 274a marathon begins soon so maybe get that one for free?

      1. Well…I’d definitely wanna do the marathon; trouble is, I din’t have as much time as I used to during the previous years, and I’m also having guests perfectly timed to wreck my chances 😂😂

        As for saving up for other offers, I’m definitely leaning towards it, but getting the SuPersh is an old dream of mine; also, it’s still fairly cheap for a tier 8 Prem, at 6.5k gold

        And I agree it’s not exactly OP, but deffo seems fun to play – I’d even dare to say that in the hands of any decent player it becomes noobproof, I’m slightly above average and know where to pen that thing frontally and I still get rng bounces anout half of the time XD

  2. wasn´t it one of the first marathons? some decades ago? old pepperidge farm remembers

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