Update 1.11: 3D “Mordred” Style for 🇬🇧 FV217 Badger – More Pictures

My dear son, I’m writing to inform you that your father has finally calmed down and resigned himself to your decision. It goes without saying though that he spent the entire month flying around the estate in a huff, constantly cursing himself for being so negligent. In his mind, he can’t believe the son of a Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons would prefer the Royal Armoured Corps over a political career. What hurts him the most was your deception about being enrolled at university and studying law when, in fact, you had joined the army with your mates. However, he did cool down a bit after he used his connections to find your commander. You can just imagine his expression when he heard you were considered one of the best tankers of all time. You might even say he was pleased with the news. Now he’s rattling on about how even if he is the last politician in the family, you’re going to start a military dynasty. We can’t wait for you to come back home!

By the way, could you give your vehicle a different name? Isn’t there a different character from Arthurian legend who’s less controversial?

Source: wotclue

2 thoughts on “Update 1.11: 3D “Mordred” Style for 🇬🇧 FV217 Badger – More Pictures

  1. This is what skins should look like. Now we just need similar ones for certain ugly tanks like the VK 168.01, Mammoth , Bugi etc. I would pay good money to get some stowage on those.

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