Update 1.11: 3D “Vital Spark” Style for 🇸🇪 UDES 15/16 – Pictures

Style treated as non-historical, valued at 5,000 gold.

Suitable for vehicles: UDES 15/16

All additional style effects are “animated”.

Source: rykoszet

11 thoughts on “Update 1.11: 3D “Vital Spark” Style for 🇸🇪 UDES 15/16 – Pictures

  1. I got all excited when I saw it said 3D skin for Udes 15/16 and this is the best they could come up with?. After what they did with the lighting on the Revenant skins I would be very dubious.

    1. OH NO!!! ITS THE END OF THE WORLD because WG introduces skins you can literally turn off and they don’t effect game,balance. /s

      Seriously…stop crying about everything.

  2. Oh wg, im sure there is more sales from military concept 3d style(this is tank game), why wg keep making this kind of things? For kids? I dont thinks kids aren’t play wot.

  3. This is that cool shit that makes the game more interesting and unique, I love this and the one for the pz7. Give us more animated presets like these with the option to change the colors of the lights/flames. Also cause it pisses off all the idiots that treat this game as some kind of tank bible or a tank sim game where everything needs to be perfectly historical with camos only used by the respective militaries or they’ll riot

    1. I love the non historical styles and think they look good. but I would much prefer the 3d styles to be realistic. Either way this looks bad.

  4. all these people complaining that the style looks ugly or weird or whatever, it’s as simple as a checkbox to unselect non historical styles

  5. I really don’t like this. The style looks good but it really breaks the immersion for me. I love the Udes and I like the occasional non historical style (my favorite style in the game is the Masters of Orion skin). But this just looks bad. I much prefer the realistic military styles

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