Update 1.11: “Reaper” Style Set – More Pictures

The style set will be available for the event on the Global Map. The style is treated as historical, valued at 750 gold. Available for vehicles of all nations, tier VIII-X vehicles.

The styles are reminiscent of characters from the Apocalypse of St. John, which are to go on horses before the Last Judgment.

Description: …and there went the last rider on a horse red as if forged in the flames of eternal fire. He moved slowly along the wastelands, the earth lifeless and dark like the horse he rode. Gripping a scythe in his skinless hand, the rider advanced, collecting his grim harvest. The scythe was shining, flashing like lightning in the pale hands of the rider. Some fools believed it might bring hope. But no hope was left behind the rider.

Source: wotclue

2 thoughts on “Update 1.11: “Reaper” Style Set – More Pictures

  1. So it looks pretty cool so my guess its a global map camo. Only the normal players get the goofy looking camos.

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