13 thoughts on “πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ Pz.Sfl. IC – In-game Pictures

  1. Damn, this thing actually looks amazing.

    I might keep this one.

    If it’s turly trash, I’ll just throw 20 million credits on it too finish the crew training and never touch it again (another vase in my garage).

    1. it is going to be tier IV so tier III will have to watch out for it.. however it will be facing tier VI.
      it has the same crew lay-out as the Borsig (and E25, and Styer wt) so it will be a nice low tier stress relief for my 7 skill crew, might be the first gifted tank i will enjoy and not an extra tank in my garage i won’t sale because…

      1. So you will farm new players for fun? Nice attitude, trash…will make sure to remember you in tier 7-10

          1. Not to be a party pooper, but your reply kinda shows that you’re sort of a dick…

            I get that you put lots of time in the game (7 skill crews and all that), but that’s no excuse for being shitty to someone who’s been shotty to you first.

            Show that you’re the better person. Stay calm and don’t bwhave like trash
            (Same goes for the previous commenter)

          2. @ Richthoffen. Lol. Let’s just say meeting you on the battlefield…well, I put it kindly, will not be a problem since I know your real stats xd

  2. well, in comparison to Pz I Cthis thin is open and will be paper. there are many derps in lowtier (for various reasons). this will mean a high risk, high reward playstyle.

    haven’t seen stats so far, but maybe we have a nice playable tank under the Christmas tree …

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