Update 1.11: “The Last Dragon” 3D style for 🇨🇳 WZ-111 model 5A – More Pictures

The style is treated as historical, valued at 5,000 gold.

Fits vehicles: WZ-111 model 5A.

Description: Why was I demoted to platoon commander? I failed to execute an order. I didn’t follow it and I don’t regret it. They mapped the route in such a way that I would have had to lead the whole convoy through rice fields. No roads and with radio silence. Right across the fields. What was I supposed to do? For as long as I can remember, my family has grown rice to feed us and the country. They started before dawn and finished after midnight. It’s really hard work. Our top brass should try working in a field at least once in order to understand. I didn’t join the army to crush the hard labor of my own people whose money basically built this tank. Respecting fellow human beings is not hard. If it cost me my rank, so be it. A clear conscience is more important to me.

Source: wotclue

11 thoughts on “Update 1.11: “The Last Dragon” 3D style for 🇨🇳 WZ-111 model 5A – More Pictures

  1. Of course, there will be “dragon”, and “gold colors”. This two things are Chinese gamers favorites.

    1. No plz dont. We never fancied putting such traditional elements on tanks. WG devs just wont listen.

    2. That’s just what WESTERN people think what Chinese should like. Nobody ever asked and cared about how we really think.

          1. Yes you are right. Iraq, Lybia and Syria are freed. People are enjoying western freedom, yes.

  2. No 3d style should be historical. If I don’t want my game bloated with these stupid skins I should have an option to disable them. They are very distracting. Look at TVP 3d camo, it is historical, but why? It doesn’t look one bit historical to me, especially those metal teeth at the front tracks.

  3. is this a fantasy game or an tank game? this styles too much and ugly. customization is fine, but not with those shit.

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