Supertest: Aufklärungspanzer Panther (Initial Stats)

The Aufklärungspanzer Panther, a German Tier VII light tank, is coming to the Supertest today.

This vehicle was previously available in the German Tech Tree, and its updated version will have some features in common with the old one. The Aufklärungspanzer Panther is quite large and has great armor for a light tank. The thickness of the frontal armor plates is 85 mm at most. The vehicle top speed can reach up to 55 km/h, and has a specific power of 22.3 h.p./t. The view range is 380 m, with a durability of 1,000 hit points.

This light tank is equipped with a 75 mm gun that causes 135 damage per shot. The gun has good stabilization, but its accuracy is 0.33m and an aiming time of 1.6 s. Reloading takes 5.5 s. One of the vehicle’s most unusual features is that it has no HE shells vehicle, only standard (157 mm of penetration) and special (205 mm of penetration) shells.

The Aufklärungspanzer Panther embodies the idea of a heavy reconnaissance vehicle. Components of both medium and light tanks went into its design. Thanks to its mobility and good gun handling parameters, this vehicle can support medium tanks by both spotting and damaging enemies.

Vehicle stats can change on the Supertest.

Source: EU Forums

16 thoughts on “Supertest: Aufklärungspanzer Panther (Initial Stats)

  1. Will this be the third reward just for being in WoT long enough? (whatever WG called it, after T-50-2 and Super Hellcat)

    Just like the above two, this one has some random trash on the surface as well.

    1. This tank model is like 4 to 5 years old now. I know this because I suggested WG to bring it back on the NA forums 5 to 6 years ago before they finally did so and its been sitting in the game files for years.

      While I’m happy to see it finally being implemented I would have much rather they have kept it at tier 7.

      As for the “random trash” well its an old tank model from a time when WG made vehicles with more reallistic flair added to the model. Its nothing like the Fortnite skins they’re adding these days.

  2. why. just why. they remove the tank, then bring it back without it’s derp (as a premium?). its not about “competitive viability”, its about having fun ffs. morons who support stuff like this and removing the 10 round bulldog autoloader are the same sweaty tryhards destroying the fun in this game.

    1. Boohoo my tier 7 light tank doesn’t have an autoloader with enough burst damage to clip a tier 8 heavy crybabies are no fun

      Are you the same guy who defends 1750 alpha HESH and the 6-shells WT-E100?

    2. The derp was fairly shit and it wouldn’t be competative at all with all the armor running around these days.

      Besides we already have the T49/Sheridan and EBRs spamming HE so we don’t need more derplights.

  3. So much time has gone by since it got removed from the TT I feel like the statute of limitations on “you can’t take this tank out and then resell it as a premium!!!!” has probably expired.

    1. Those days are so far gone that they have to carbon-date it to even find out when they used that method.

      but yet, this tank was pretty horrible for most back then. I do not see how they can bring it in that it even is slightly competitive.

      maybe if it had the speed to catch up with the wheelies and ram them to death. but by looking at the old stats compared with this, it even lost some engine power and HP/t.

  4. I hope we get this instead of the super chaffee or even better both. Maybe this for he well deserved reward and he super chaffee for the new years gift .

  5. The original Aufklärungspanther was faster, had better view range and much better DPM. To be fair, some values have been improved as well (some more HP, faster aim time and better gun depression), but all in all this looks like a weaker vehicle than it was back in the day. And all this while it was considered to be the worst light tank of its Tier at the time (hence the nicknames “Awful Panther” or “Fail Panther”) and, more importantly, the meta has moved on considerably.

    Don’t get me wrong – I was hoping for the Aufklärungspanther to come back. But looking at the stats, I think this tank will be worse than ever. Honestly, 5,5 reload time for puny 135 damage feels like a kick in the groin. I wonder what it is with Wargaming and German tanks.

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