Supertest: 🇮🇹 Rinoceronte Changed Stats Rinoceronte. Statistics with crew at 100%:

Maximum load: 70,95 t   46,00 t
Max speed / Reverse speed: 50 / – 18   -12 km / h

Gun: 127 mm OTO Melara Gun

Rate of fire: 4,17   3,67 rounds/minute
Damage per minute: 2 043   1 798
Damage per minute (HE Shell): 2 668   2 349
One shell reload time: 20,56 / 17,62 / 14,39 s   16,35 s
Aiming time: 1,66 s   1,96 s

20 thoughts on “Supertest: 🇮🇹 Rinoceronte Changed Stats

    1. isn’t this like the third nerf? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tank nerfed that much in Supertest before release and we still have the test server to go which could possibly result in more nerfs.

  1. Good lord that reload.
    I guess if you can unload 1500 dmg in 10 sec, they think 26 sec is enough dmg to kill an average tank, which is still a fantastic ttk for a non drummer.

    But a single bounce could cost you your tank.

    A tank for real men with big balls I tell you.

  2. What a nice tier 7 tank, the dpm even better than the Tiger P’s, I hope it won’t be too OP.

    Jokes aside, what the fuck do they expect it to achieve with such an awful dpm, 16.35s reload on the fastest shell for 590 alpha? That’s even worse than the 50TP and that thing is a tier lower… The autoreloader won’t make up for this… Did it not have 3 or 4 seconds of intraclip? And the accuracy is getting worse too. It’ll be a worse AMX M4 54 at this rate.

    Also how do you remove 25 tons off a tank just like that lol

    1. “Also how do you remove 25 tons off a tank just like that lol”

      You take out the American crew and put in one from Biafra

        1. not all Italians are thin – but most of those from Biafra are. Know your history

    2. “Also how do you remove 25 tons off a tank just like that lol”
      It’s maximum load, not the weight. Basically, you can now put 25 tonns of equipment less. It’s gonna be a problem for everyone who is used to carry 100 vents on a tank.

  3. Im all for nonbroken tanks right after when you decide to make us normal EU people a different sandbox with actually balanced tank trees rather than russian biased trash we have now. If you cant bring that, then i dont really fucking care if the new t10 italian heavy is broken for a month or two. (Because being broken for half a year is for russian tanks only, obviously)

  4. bruh even a mauschen would beat this shit in a 1v1, thats just sad, the line could be fun, but its worthless once again

  5. turret armor should be no weakness + side armor also should be no weakness + Terraine resistance should be 0.x (p/w is already good). but even if armor and speed is that good, it still have horrible dpm, bad gun handling, low gold pen…

    1. Was thinking the same. The turret armor should have no weakness if they nerfed it so bad.

  6. Dude this tank is a joke . Its so bad its stupid lol like a 60 sec reload and bad everything . ffs leave it alone this is the 5th time they nerfed it .

  7. The last thing the game needs is a HT counterpart to Progetto 65 (it took forever to nerf that one, as usual with WG), and there really are way too many autoloaders in the game.

    That is to say – I’m not against these nerfs, even if the ready rack reload now looks pretty hardcore (3 shells in 50+ seconds lol).

  8. How the hell do you shave 24 t off a tank, so glad they’re needing a tankline I was excited for into the ground. 1800 dpm at tier X sounds great.

  9. So basically this tank have almost no armor, take an eternity to reload and they even nerf the mobility
    I feel this tank will be more disappointing than the ST-2

  10. Its going to be too slow to back away to safety after firing at that speed.
    Unload the 3 shots, then die.

    Obviously a second line attack heavy, to stay behind the mighty russian god tanks and not usurp all their battle glory.
    Russian autoreloader medium and heavy tanks line coming *soon.

    Once we all get over the shock of double barrel heavy tanks that don’t need to aim to hit targets.

  11. WG keep on being failtarded. Instead of permanerfing a lot of things.
    NERF the accuracy and this tank can go in balanced category. (Remove the other nerfs)
    They said in the video, italian heavies will be innacurate unlike mediums, they make the premium tank with 0,42.
    I totally agree with that chose, why put 0,33 to the tier x?
    -What will happens if they keep nerfing gun handling and reload?
    -Unicums will use it better, the rest will suck with it.
    Like the batchat 25t, that tank is a beast (even this days with tards ebrs going around) but only, only if u have, Crew skills, Bonds V. Stab., Bonds ventilation, Food, Bia, and Improved rotation system thats the time u can make the clip works properly the same will happens to this one.

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