2 thoughts on “Progetto CC55 mod. 54 In-Game Pictures

  1. am I thinking too much about this?
    they said the Italian heavies had American and British inspirations and to me it does seem a bit like a deformed T95 with a turre similar to the OF-40 MBT, the difference is that the mantlet from the OF-40 covers the whole front of the turret while in this case the turret has the same wedge shape as the OF-40 mantlet, but the actual mantlet is only a smaller part at the center making it quite similar to the turret from the British VFM 5 light tank, although in this case the mantlet is round while on the VFM 5 it has the same wedge shape as the front of the turret

    1. you have to read “American and British inspirations” as “we couldn’t come up with any unearthed napkin drawings, so we used same strategy as in steel hunter and just randomly mashed existing tanks together”

      real or not, the Italian heavies are good-looking, nonetheless. yet the severe disappointment at WG for not delivering any more historic Italian (and other nations’) vehicles makes me hardly care for their “game development” strategies anymore.

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