Supertest: ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น Rinoceronte โ€“ Changed Stats

Rinoceronte. Statistics with crew at 100%:

HP: 2 150ย ย  2 000

Aim spread:

  • During vehicle movement: 0,22ย ย  0,24;
  • During vehicle rotation: 0,22ย ย  0,24;

11 thoughts on “Supertest: ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น Rinoceronte โ€“ Changed Stats

  1. All these nerfs, at this point they should just cancel the heavy line and have this tank be the tier 10 TD, and make a new tech line with the tier 8 regular and tier 8 premium. And form them into a new Heavium branch starting from the Pantera.

    This line is just going to end up like the Swedish heavies. One trick ponies whose strength relies on which map you get during MM and which side you’re on. The AMX 50B looks better than this, hell I can say that the Kranvagn is better than this.

    Honestly I have no idea why they’re forcing these tanks into a heavy role. Only the tier 8 premium and the tier 9 fit the role respectively. In fact if they made that premium tier 10 medium, the tier 9 regular instead, and the tier 9 moved to tier 10 and the tier 8 premium became a regular tank. Than this line would finally make sense. An Italian “Chieftain” line because they won’t give us the Swiss version because it’s too boring for the players and we won’t be getting a proper Chieftain line because WeeGee would rather flood the game with Britsh premiums.

    They should’ve gave us a TD line and a Heavium branch instead for Christmas (Hopefully it’ll come by Christmas and not be delayed like the soviet dual barrels again.) Not this garbage.

  2. great so before it’s even on the common test we get a tank that has less dpm than some tier 8, close to FV4005 in gun dispersion, all of that for the meme autoloader.

    The armor better be chieftain-like otherwise it’ll suck and be like the old WT E100 with the 15cm or FV183: fire a clip for the memes and die.

  3. bruh why would you, as a company release a completely useless line again, for which, nobody will buy gold to convert free xp, for example. only good players will play it like manticore, and they will look at the winrate, yep its performing as intended, and left to rot

    1. Welp, they said that brit LT’s are good and whatnot and look at them, they suck. Players are just sheep, WG hates ’em and would probably drop 6ft boulders on ’em

    2. why? its because they’re trying to one up themselves so that the Chinese TD line is the worst line in the game.

      That line is so unprofitable and such a waste of time that they’ve never done an on track event for it since it was released.

  4. Equipment is the answer… Skills and food is being taken into account when they balance a tank..

  5. Best thing of this tank…the looks of it. Like 705A. Good looking tank with tiny penis.

  6. Why WG is getting so stupid?
    They said in the video.
    Italian heavies will be good but will have bad Dispersion= that seems balanced.
    Then they post a supertest of overbroken op tank with an amazing dispersion, and then they keep nerfing all things aside Dispersion.
    WTF they seems to be tardy.

    Put the tank in the first stage, and put it 0,4 accuracy and it will perfectly balanced.
    WG avoiding the nerfs that are needed, never nerfed the HESH of EBRS for example.

  7. will be funny to see the community contributors you tube reviews:

    “This tank is great, OP, look at my hits and damage”.

    Normal WoT pleb tries it:

    “Oh, the community contributor must have been getting preferential MM and rng to boost sales, mine isn’t playing how they described!”.

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