Mirny-13: Event location

The minimap where the entire event will take place. It is a redesigned Ghost City in dark and gloomy shades. With each phase, the location and its landscape will change dynamically.

– At the end of September, we sent scouts to the town of Mirny-13, which had been previously evacuated and where there were significant, irregular outbreaks of anomalies. Mirny-13 was mainly inhabited by oil workers and their families. The area is located 21 kilometers from Mirny-13, within the Arzagir test site, access to which is strictly forbidden.

Previously, high levels of radiation were reported in the city and problems with decaying electrical equipment. Shortly thereafter, the local landscape began to change – the earth began to crack and the resulting craters oozed an oil-like substance of unknown origin. We managed to photograph this phenomenon from the plane.

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  1. Maybe a Halloween event every two years would be a good idea. This looks really promising! I’d mich rather have one good thing every couple years than a sloppy one each year

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