Supertest: 🇮🇹 Rinoceronte – Changed Stats Rinoceronte. Statistics with crew at 100%:

Gun: 127 mm OTO Melara Gun

Reload time between autoloader rounds: 3,0 s   4,0 s
One shell reload time: 19,6 / 16,6 / 14,4 s   20,56 / 17,62 / 14,39 s

Aiming time: 1,44 s   1,66 s

Shell speed:

  • APCR: 1 468 m / s   1 452 m / s
  • HEAT: 1 173 m / s   1 061 m / s
  • HE: 732 m / s   1 061 m / s

Aim spread:

  • during turret rotation: 0,10   0,14;
  • during vehicle movement: 0,18   0,22;
  • during vehicle rotation: 0,18   0,22;
  • during turret rotation at maximum speed: 2,61   3,65;
  • at the maximum vehicle speed: 9,00   11,00;
  • at the maximum vehicle rotation speed: 5,26   6,42.

17 thoughts on “Supertest: 🇮🇹 Rinoceronte – Changed Stats

  1. So, wg decide to massive nerf this tank firepower. Maybe this tank has an incredible armor as well as speed. There is no other correct reason in my guess.

  2. If they keep nerfing the dpm this tank will be useless. You can have all the armor and mobility in the world, if a tank 3 tiers lower can out-dpm you there’s a problem. At least the light tanks that have similar dpm at tier 10 have camo and speed going for them. This tank better have Chieftain-like armor if it’s going to have a rate of fire between the T110E3 and JagdPanzer E100.

    1. There buffed the dpm unless you’re going to shoot you’re entire clip each time 😉
      14,4 to 14,39 you get just more punished for fire all shots

      Btw a thing that i wished they would’ve done with the Italien medium tanks
      Keep the first shot the same but the second and third with more reload so you wont have the dpm of doom they have now

    2. You cannot compare that tank to other tanks by dpm. It has an improved auto reloader and can clip you at any time. Something that other tanks like chieftain can’t do. That’s why it can’t have dpm like other tanks. It needs a big drawback to be balanced.
      And one thing should be clear to everyone: if you want the good tier 10 Italian heavy, you will need to get the op reward Clan war version.

      1. Ok then lets compare it to the other tanks that can clip you much better, like the T57 or AMX50B that have a bigger clip potential and can now unload it much faster and have about 1000 more DPM. This t10 italian is too weak at this state

        1. You compare an autoloader with an auto reloader. It’s like comparing apples with pears.
          Of course autoloaders can clip you better but autoreloaders are also singleshot tanks. The ability that they are both gives them so much more flexibility

  3. With the huge nerf to dispersion values you’ll need the extra second on the intraclip reload!

    1. Maybe if the playerbase stops complaining about them being OP before they get their hands on playtime then we could have some nice things?

    2. If you want the good Italian heavy, you gotta play clanwars. It’s the new trend, as wrong as it sounds.

  4. useless shit tank
    agian massive outcry made this whole tech tree USELESS
    since the czech tree they can’t add a proper line ‘cus DOGS cry for everything

  5. Look the non OBJ vodka powered thing got nerfed already …….. these fuckers took months to do something about the v4 -_-

  6. Guys dont complain. Do we need another OP tank ruining tier 10 games? Do u want game to get faster and faster and faster with more powerful tanks coming in ? I have to admit the DpM is hampered massively now but still , pls understand its for the good – not all tanks in the game should be good – otherwise this game will be stale. We need some bad and good tanks to keep variety alive.

  7. The tank is fast (for a heavy), has good turret armour (especially when using the 10 degrees of gun depression), good alpha, great aim time and an autoreloader. Yes, the buff is massive, but tbh I suspect even that won’t be enough to make this thing really balanced. Speed + armour + gun depression + alpha + reloading capability is a killer combination; I doubt you can adequately balance this with DPM and gun dispersion values.

    As to the people who complain about it being useless now – even if that were the case, I’d rather have that than a new OP monster in the game.

  8. I don’t know about that nerf “Reload time between autoloader rounds: 3,0 s -> 4,0 s”
    I don’t want to play a Char Futur you know? It makes the tank very uncomfortable

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