WoT Update 1.10.1: Second Public Test

The first stage of the update 1.10.1 test has been stopped.

If all goes to plan, on Thursday, October 1, we can expect a second Common Test to be launched.

3 thoughts on “WoT Update 1.10.1: Second Public Test

  1. Great. Seems like Obj. 140’s buff is going through. As always…

    I just regret, regret to the fact that I paid real money to these Belarus racists’ own Soviet wet dream…

    #WalletClosed for damage control (right now, somewhere between £500 – 1000)

  2. Hope they re-think about the German Medium Line buffs, in special the Panther 8.8 crappy ‘buff’ with no effort. It really needs DPM, but the gun handling and the engine is the whole issue.

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