Next Top of the Trees: 🇨🇳 121 and 🇫🇷 AMX 50 B

If the top of the tree is the same as the one announced on the NA server (and that was the case the last 6 months), the October and November top of the trees will be the French AMX 50 B and the Chinese 121.

October 5 to November 5: 121
October 20 to November 20: AMX 50 B

2 thoughts on “Next Top of the Trees: 🇨🇳 121 and 🇫🇷 AMX 50 B

  1. 2 tier 10s I have left to buy

    I just wish they would do an on track for the Chinese TD, STII, CS63, and manticore because AFAIK those have yet to get an on track event.

  2. Somewhat predictable given that WG is buffing the Chinese mediums, but a welcome ToTT for me, I have the whole line researched and two crews ready so all that’s left is to farm credits. 🙂

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