1.10_6 Micropatch – More Info + Patchnotes

ASIA: micropatch 1.10_6 to fix technical issues will be released on both server and game client on 17th September 2020 at the following timing:

  • 05:00 – 05:45 UTC +8
  • The server will be unavailable for an estimated 45 minutes.

  • Clan portal will be unavailable


-There will be two new folders for mods: /mods/ and ./res_mods/;
-Changes to the communication system in battle:
Two messages have been added: “Yes, sir! I decline! ”, Which will now be displayed in the game chat. The execution of these commands is assigned by default to the F5 and F6 keys, if necessary, they can be reconfigured in the game settings;
-Anti-spam protection will be disabled in strongholds, on the Global Map, tournaments and in the training room;
-Commands: “Watch the position !, I’m going to the location !, I’m aiming here!”, they will additionally display the minimap sector in the chat.

4 thoughts on “1.10_6 Micropatch – More Info + Patchnotes

  1. Who was the original moron who removed Affirmative and Nagative from F5 and F6 in the first place in this new mess of a miscommunicatiojn update. Completely retarded… and it took them this long to reinstate the only two useful messages.

    1. yes, some moron proposed the changes and another approved it. Proof of WG not playing their own game

  2. litteraly the only 2 commands i used got removed………………….

    next patch, they’ll probably add some more useless messages like:
    “hi,can i buy you a beer after this battle?”, ”aaaaw,thaaaank you soo much for letting me pass first”, ”jeeeeezz, your tank looks niiiiice”, ”dude,AWESOME decal”

    Peasant game developing………………

  3. Who are the supertesters??? Totally incompetent idiots. Always the same… Always mistakes. Are they some 10 years kidos? Who are they? When i see the wn8 of most betatesters i just laugh… And I have no doubts that this supertesting and testing is just useless… WG always makes decisions best for they intentions and specially for money income… shame

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