4 thoughts on “WoT – Weekly Stream with eekeeboo 7/9/20

  1. eekeeboo! Again I ask why my permanent ban isnt lifted? WG promises amnesty. I was unjustly baned for useinv proskool legit modpack from WG site…..

    Meanwhile I spend lots of money on other game. Good policy!

    1. And I will ask you once again, why don’t you comment on the youtube page of the video? Or subscribe to it and catch the livestream while it’s still on? Eekeeboo won’t see your comments here.

    2. If Wargaming have banned you for using illegal mods then you’re not included in the amnesty.
      The amnesty is for people banned for being idiots (such as deliberate team killing and other inappropriate behavior), not for cheats.
      Cheats stay banned.

  2. Why cant WG use Dascha from WoW for these updates? Instead we get this twitching twat freekaboo

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