WoT: Spam Protection

To avoid spamming with pings in battles, we’re introducing special spam protection that works according to the following rules:

  • Any message that is triggered has a delay until the same message can be triggered again. This delay is 5 seconds for global commands and 2 seconds for personal messages (3 seconds if sent to the same player). The only exception is the “Attention to” marker that can be placed up to 3 times by the same player in a short period of time before it is blocked. Only 3 “Attention to” markers can exist at the same time per team.
  • When setting a new marker, the previous one from the same player will disappear and will be replaced with a new one. If no one is committed to the marker it will disappear after 6 seconds.
  • Players cannot receive more than one personal reply proposition within 15 seconds and not more than 1 voiceover from personal messages within 10 seconds.

Also, you can disable new non-verbal communication for a particular player with the “Add to your Blacklist” or “Block for this battle” options in the playerlist.

More information HERE

Source: WGEU Support

3 thoughts on “WoT: Spam Protection

  1. Finally, after being on the known issues list for over 5 years it has been finally fixed!

    1. FIVE???? you know wot is a DECADE old???

      This is -btw- an issue which relates to the broken chat system which is wot beta RELIC.
      Until 2years ago, when you got muted by a mod, you couldn’t ping the map either. They are tied to one another, thats why they CANT FIX IT… not without removing the chat and doing it over (which is overdue- srly, its a joke how many basic things are missing, including a report function. Go on! Start the client, look the general and i bet you 5000 gold you see racist shit within a minute!)…

      [ps. IF you want to see a truly awesome and HIGHLY functional chat system, look at EveOnline… first thing i noticed login in for the first time. In nearly 7years of Eve, i haven’t seen as much (or horrid) chat abuse, like in 7minutes of wot… -i wish i was kidding]<.<

      ANYHOW… what they did here is put a bandaid onto the issue. Probably triggered by the opening/sending, and NOT by checking how much shit you spam. They didnt touch the original system, but put a time-lock at the door, preventing you from ‘entering’ the mess too often<.<

      ………. sigh………..

      a first year program student.
      MODDERS… any modder…
      for christ sake SCRIPT kiddies…… could have done a better job – twice as fast… and probably for free too. Just promise some stupid goodies<.<

      but hey, credit where credit is due…

      here is the worlds slowest clap…

      Clap ………..

      i will clap once more in 2030.
      mark my words.

      pathetic grumbles

      oh and~ just for the nay sayers: I posted about this **** EVERY YEAR in forums.
      I posted racist screenshots of their no good chat (and incompetent mods)… so~
      thank me for that. Feel so accomplished now<.<

      WG, where stagnation is king…

      1. I’ve been saying for years that a fucking intern with basic programming experience could have done something like this to fix map spammers.

        To emphasize how bad map spamming is the blacklist limit is 1,000 players and mine is full of nothing but map spammers.

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