Update 1.10: Map Improvements

Update 1.10 is here. Three maps have been updated and reworked to address issues we’ve noticed with them. Interact with the maps below to see what has changed.



Some minor adjustments were made throughout the map to improve areas of cover.

  • The terrain was lowered on the hill and under the hill to create proper cover in this area.
  • Changed the locations of some bushes on the hill.
  • The terrain in the swamp area is slightly deepened, which allowed the creation of an area that’s safe from fire from the hill on the alley side.


Adjustments were made to balance the drive time and places of cover, and to strengthen spawn positions.

  • The vehicle spawn position was moved a bit for both teams to balance the time to drive to key positions.
  • The drive to the tank destroyer positions was made easier for the upper team.
  • The drive down from the upper base is now flatter, which will allow medium tanks to get to high ground faster.
  • Houses were moved to form positions to support allies while they drive up to the high ground.
  • The cliff was decreased in size to balance the time it takes teams to reach the high ground.
  • A pocket was developed to counteract enemies that took the high ground.
  • The high ground zone for firing at the center and the path, and for playing against TDs, was reworked.
  • The height of the hill was decreased and the depression in the ground was deepened to make it more comfortable to play on the slope.
  • A small rock near the bushes that had no gameplay significance was removed. The big rock was moved and increased in size. Now it’s cover from enemies driving near the water.
  • For vehicles ascending from both sides, the shape of the cliffs was adjusted to balance the drive time and places of cover.
  • The terrain in the center was slightly reworked for the lower team. Now they will be more vulnerable to fire from the high ground as they drive towards the bushes. Also, bushes in the center were moved closer towards the lower team to balance the position. The terrain was raised and cover was added for the drive to the lighthouse for the lower team. This location will enable players to fight enemies positioned on the high ground.
  • The cliff face was changed for the lower team. The cliff became a more convenient fortified point.
  • The terrain was raised a bit for the drive to the center for the lower team.
  • A position was created for the upper team. They will enter firing positions targeting the center if they pass behind the lighthouse. This position is similar to the route “from the water” for the lower team.
  • Positions were created to counteract flanking from the water.


The map size was increased and terrain and building dynamics changed to create new opportunities for both teams.

  • The size of the map was increased towards the upper base to balance the spotting distances and positions in the open part of the map.
  • A city block was opened for the upper team. The city terrain was changed and the height of some buildings was adjusted. This creates additional options while balancing the teams’ SPG positions.
  • The defensive positions were adjusted for the upper team on the side of the square in the city.
  • An additional passage was added in place of the temple building. It creates new opportunities for the defending team to hold off advancing enemies at the square or fight against more distant positions.
  • Adjusted the balcony at the edge of the city. Decreased the number of loopholes for a balance in favor of the upper team.
  • Added buildings as cover from fire from the city near the edge of the small town on the upper team side.

Source: EU Portal

2 thoughts on “Update 1.10: Map Improvements

  1. Played 9 battles (7 of them losses thanks to players that struggle without mods) and not once did I get any of these maps.

  2. I’d love a map editor. Best community created maps could be put into the usual rotation once in a while, as voted for by the community… or something.

    This would actually required some thinking on behalf of Minsk HQ, though!

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