11 thoughts on “WoT – Equipment 2.0: All You Need to Know!

  1. For as awful the menus are designed-
    /rant srly, those are clunky as **** … and every 1st day game student would have done better (since those grew up with smartphone games and KNOW how to make easy UIs which take as little effort as possible to navigate)…. /rant

    … i WELCOME some change in wot.
    This game is stagnate to the point of breaking!
    Crew, ammo, items, chat-system… all of those are still from THE BETA -unchanged! For now 10+yrs!

    Sadly the crew was not reworked. It has the same issues, using the ever same 5skills since the rest is trash. Hopefully they re-do ammo too someday.

    WG could have adapted the ‘HE’ mechanics they tested!
    **** 0 damage shots on the ‘live’ are a joke. Even thinly armored targets get too often low-rolled or negated for no reason.

    Meanwhile the community whines about their ‘precious balance’

    Balance of doing no dmg?
    Balance of having only 1 choice of items and perks?

    Honest most gamers don’t know whats good for them until they try.

    The same stagnation killed Starcraft (despite the fact that broodwar +its changes made it popular to begin with)…

    stagnation is worse than death. Its a rotten corpse sitting on a throne, while the rest of the world moves on …. (and yes thats a 40k reference, but don’t tell me that comparison holds water!

    1. Take a break from the game. For me it gets boring after a month and I always take breaks to play other games. I can’t wait to play Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 for example.

      Right now a lot of players will take a break because WG will literally dry us out of credits. 3.4 mil$ for 90 free demount kits and a “bonus” of 30 from them? LOL what a joke. RIP to those with a lot of tanks.

      Great change and as always bad implementation. I will also take a break because I don’t have the money/gold to change all my tier X and VIII tanks.

      1. Why not try the patch when it comes out… Instead of whining of the bad things… It wont be as bad as you think…

        1. Because I played on test server, I did the math and it will cost me too much to change all the tanks, let alone experiment with different strategies.

          1. How even. Beacuse all of my stayed the same almost. Or do you mean you need to get the new equipment ? Then ofcorse it will cost

  2. All you need to know: In patch 1.10 our plan is to screw over the most loyal and longtime players of ours and try to extort every last credit out of everyone while ignoring any criticism and pretending how good actually it will be for the players.

  3. have you heard about improved equip getting buffed and bounty equipment not getting buffed in 1.10, even though it was advertised as being as good as improved equip after upgrading it with 3 million credits?
    i think most people just haven’t realized. next week will come the sad surprise for them. would be nice if TAP would highlight it in a seperate article.

  4. And vertical stabilisers have been merged. Read it carefully. wg have hidden this news!!!!

    1. Vert is still there…. Was on the test server… Just a new equipment that is like the stabs….

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