WoT – Empire’s Border, Ruinberg Changes (Video)

Ребаланс карт ST WOT: Граница империи, Руинберг (итер. 3), Руинберг расширенный | ИюньРебаланс карт ST WOT: Граница империи, Руинберг (итер. 3), Руинберг расширенный | Июнь

7 thoughts on “WoT – Empire’s Border, Ruinberg Changes (Video)

  1. Sure nice to show us map changes, but what is that good for? If you dont bring them into the game? We have seen the changed Minsk map but what happend ?? NOTHING !!!
    Stop the BS ! Dont show us nice stuff and then do nothing with them ! Or it takes 3 years before we see these changes in the game, we are still waiting for the E-100, IS-4 changes !?
    If you are sure that the changes you make are coming THAN show them to us, to implement then shortly after.

    1. If I were you I would expect E-100 changes for…. 2025 (maybe Christmas 2020 at the best)! Since when Tech Tree German tanks are a priority against Premium or OP Reward tanks?

  2. Raging raptor has actually nice video about this thing, balancing, time needed to fix somethin… about WG marketing, strategy… i asking myself sometimes, if it wouldnt be better to have separate EU cluster game from the CIS clusters / servers… the customers here and there are totally different, no offense against Russian community

    1. Have fun as soon as you want to organize something where clans of two clusters fight against each other.

      Separating the clusters would be the single most stupidest thing that WG could do.

  3. Massive changes to the Empire’s Border map – so instead of “3” lanes (out of which only 2 felt mostly usable) they made 2 bigger zones. Well, at least it’s a bit more open now, so that’s nice.
    Regarding Ruinberg – I don’t see what was exactly changed since the last iteration. Probably some props moved around a bit.

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