2 thoughts on “CS-53 In-game Pictures (unfinished model)

  1. I know WG said it was inspired on the T-44 but I really can’t see it, for me the top tiers go like this

    » Tier 8 CS-53: inspired by the T-64A, profile both and the resemblance is incredible, particularly the high slope angle on the frontal plate and minimal sized lower plate (almost like hidden), even the size and position ratios between the hull and turret are too similar
    major difference is obviously the turret, well and of course the actual armor values and composition

    » Premium CS-52: inspired by the T-54/55

    » Tier 9 CS-59: inspired by the T-62

    » Tier 10 CS-63: believe it or not I think it has a bit of a Czech “soul” to it, particularly the detail of the lower frontal plate being so large, something the Soviet Tanks are not known for, I tink it looks like a mix of the T-64 (low profile and high slope) + Czech Tier 10 (shape of hull) + turret inspired by Soviet amphibious tanks (PT-76B, Obj.906, etc, like how they show on the presentation video leaked last month)

    armor values anc composition will obviously be changed according to TIer (even if it looks like a T-64 it won’t be as tough) afterall those are not Soviet so there’s no need for them to be OP

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