Update 1.9.1: 🇬🇧 A46 – Changed Stats (nerf)

Tank price in gold changed from 100 to 3000.

Rate of fire: 18,961   14,90 rounds/minute
Damage per minute: 1 990,9   1 565
Damage per minute (HE shells): 2 845   2 235
Reload time: 3,164 s   4,03 s
Aiming time: 1,82 s   1,92 s

Aim spread:

  • after firing: 2,397   3,5;
  • during turret rotation: 0,058   0,1;
  • during vehicle movement: 0,115   0,15;
  • during vehicle rotation: 0,115   0,15;
  • during turret rotation at maximum speed: 2,99   5,42;
  • at the maximum vehicle speed: 6,9   9,0;
  • at the maximum vehicle rotation speed: 6,33   8,60.

9 thoughts on “Update 1.9.1: 🇬🇧 A46 – Changed Stats (nerf)

  1. Wow, WG…

    I remember QB said this tank sucks???

    And straight nerf??? (did I miss something like a serious buff before this? A quick search on this site suggests NO)

    Well, all is explained as this is a UK tank instead of USSR, hence just another snack for T-34-85M, KV-2, Churchill III…. (the list all the way to Stalin’s grave). The nerf makes A46 more teeth-friendly for these Putin craps.

    Now I start to have a strong feeling that this might be a shitty mini marathon reward for WG pretending to be nice to us yet promoting easiness to russian tank users.

    GJ WG, when the world is protesting against racism, WG is promoting russian superiority…

    KNEES on WOT & WG’s NECK…

    Sure they buffed the CS-52. BUT, do I need to remind someone to go check a history book that Poland was a part of USSR???

    1. I’m almost 100% sure cs-52 is just a fake blueprint built by wg
      and if i remember corectly poland wasn’t a part of the USSR officially, it was a “sovereign communist democratic republic”

    2. G. C. Bitchton whaaat did you said? Poland wasnt a part of USSR. Like other maybe 7 or so central and eastern european nations, states, republics… Not including Ukraine, Belarus or Baltic republics, etc – they were part of USSR – Union of soviet socialistic republics… your history and geography knowledge is poor :/

    3. “do I need to remind someone to go check a history book that Poland was a part of USSR???” Perhaps you should read history book yourself at some point. Poland was part of the Soviet bloc and member of Comecon, Warsaw Pact etc., but it was never for a moment part of the USSR.

      If you are so keen on showing off your historical expertise, you might want to do some research before you do so lest you look like a fool.

      In other news, I have no fricking clue why Wargaming felt the need to nerf this immobile disaster of a tank even further, and quite massively at that. These people are totally clueless.

  2. You can try only one time “KNEES on WOT & WG’s NECK…” after you know where your place, btw no one said you need play,you can leave, stop whining, and i really dont like how you talk about russians i feel a “little” hmm how say, racism against them

    1. Russia isn’t a race so you can’t be racist against Russians.

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