Battle Pass 2: Unique Commanders Info

In the new battle pass, you will be able to get one of two unique Commanders.

„Cutting through the standard progression will give you the chance to get any style or commander in your hands. Everyone with an improved pass will also be able to get a second style. If you bought an improved pass, just pick the tank with the commander you like the most. The style of the second tank will be transferred to your account later, without a commander.”

Angela Milotova (only for Czechoslovakia)

– She’s a determined and headstrong lady. In her childhood, she learned the specifics of tank combat from her father. However, later on, she followed in her mother’s footsteps and studied medicine. After graduating from the Academy, she had a good track record in field hospitals but insisted on transferring to a tank unit where she hopes to realize her full potential as a tank commander.

Damon Kilmore (only for USA)

– An experienced commander who’s always cool and calculating. During his 20 years of service, he’s braved many challenges, earning his own command while receiving the respect of his comrades-in-arms. He likes to win with honor, keep strict discipline, and comply with the rules of engagement. Due to its outstanding performance, Kilmore’s platoon is something of a legend. As an avid surfer, he keeps his surfboard nearby as a good luck charm.

10 thoughts on “Battle Pass 2: Unique Commanders Info

      1. Kilmore is an obvious reference to Kilgore, an iconic character that mutters one of the most famous lines in cinema history; “I love the smell of napalm in the morning”.
        The character in question is obsessed with the sport of surfing in the movie ‘Apocalypse Now’ which is alluded to in the battlepass 2.0 skin for the Patton which has a surfboard strapped to its side.

        If you’ve not heard of ‘Apocalypse Now’ then go check it out, a brilliant film. (Just give the director’s/extended cut a miss)

          1. Let us know what you think, Seb! Made in the time before CGI, the explosions, vehicles are all the real deal. Also features a lot of very famous actors and actors before they became famous…

            Lawrence Fishburne is a scrawny devil! xD

        1. I did make the connection. It’s still a strange name, but maybe I shouldn’t get annoyed by that, it’s a fictional videogame…

  1. also Angela…is English version of the name…..proper Czech version of this is Anďela

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