2 thoughts on “WoT – Monthly Rundown: June – Hot Tog spotted!

  1. oh, just the stroke-fest announcement for june. was looking forward to an arm-shaving-guide.

    there is much to look forward to, though —— such as the Demo to Gunner HEAT PC. Maybe this would fit TAP audience’s taste as well: https://gunnerheatpc.com/

    1. The graphics are a bit stale but I’m sure that, like WoT, they can change that.

      However, I see RU vehicles. If this is YET another Soviet Bloc company making a tank game, I think I’ll stick with WG. They suck hardbass. But my quota for Soviet Biasol has limited capacity and it’s already overflowing with them.

      If not. May give it a go.

      I’d prefer a cross between a Simulator and Arcade rather than one or the other as the former is very time intensive and oftentimes, not fun.

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