9 thoughts on “3D Styles HD Renders: Major Ram, Montu

  1. Wish they would just ramp up production of skins because they’re far more beneficial to the game than adding more fucking premiums. Can churn out probably 4 to 6 skins in the time it takes to just research and model one premium.

    Another benefit is they can make skins for existing premiums to help sell them especially the less desirable ones.

  2. Making skins from WG is like buying prem tanks heheh
    59 euros for a skin comrade just because u are rich in europe and we need ur fucking money comrade

    1. Making skins isn’t like buying prem tanks because unlike prem tanks they don’t require balancing. If WG improves their marketing a bit in how skins are sold then they could easily continue making money off them without adversely effecting the game. Its a win win scenario for everyone.

          1. Romania, 95% of people here own their homes, so no rent (dumbest thing ever, steals half your salary)

  3. What if there were no premium tanks at all.. just regular tanks, but if you buy the “Premium skin” for that specific tank, it becomes premium, with all the benefits of income and crew xp etc.. Ofc its too late now, but just think about it..
    Some tanks I love are just collecting dust in garage, coz why play it? If I could make them premium, it would be awsome.

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