WoT 1.9: Other tidbits

-IS-2S – tank price changed from 100 to 6,000 gold
-ISU-152K – the tank gun name was changed from 152 mm BL-10 to 152 mm BL-10A
-the option of purchasing the “Hjalpkran” 3D style for Kranvagn (worth 5,000 gold) has been removed
-the option of purchasing the “Montu” 3D style for IS-3 (worth 2,500 gold) has been removed
-No new 3D styles for sale have been added to the in-game store
-Added new intro displayed when logging into the game (see previous articles)

Remember, the patch comes tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “WoT 1.9: Other tidbits

  1. Great.The patch noone asked for.
    Lots of funny low tier tanks are nerfed or their derp guns got removed.
    Looks like WG doesn’t want us to play tiers 1-5.
    Adfitionally tier 7 and 8 get nerfed indirectly, as tier 1-6 receive more HP.

  2. The funny thing is the people at tier two and three firing nothing but gold ammo since they can’t seem to grasp that their pen wasn’t nerfed, the targets HP were raised while leaving the same pop-gun alpha. NA and Asia of course already have 1.9

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