Supertest: K-91-2 Initial Stats

Very soon-ish, a new Soviet Tier IX medium called the K-91-2 will enter the closed Supertest.

Straightaway this vehicle’s protection stands out, with the frontal armor up to 230 mm thick on the turret and up to 175 mm thick on the hull. The HP pool of the K-91-2 is 1,750 points.
The gun deals an average of 360 damage per shot and takes 8.6 seconds to reload. The accuracy amounts to 0.35 and the aiming time is 2.3 seconds. The basic APCR round can pierce 252 mm of armor, and the special HEAT round can do 310 mm. The basic view range of the K-91-2 is 390 m. The tank has excellent dynamics due to a specific power of 21.1 hp per ton, with its top speed reaching 55 km/h.
Despite its name, the K-91-2 is very different from the K-91. Its turret can turn all the way round (a full 360 degrees), and its protection is akin to that of the T-54 and the Object 140. The K-91-2 was born to run in a wolf pack of medium tanks engaging in dynamic and maneuverable combat.

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7 thoughts on “Supertest: K-91-2 Initial Stats

  1. Is it just me or this thing looks to be… Pretty good? Like… “Russian Good”!

  2. That looks like the k91 hull as well meaning that the effective armor on it is going to be trash since the upper plate is not well angled and the lower plate is massive. Although, the upper plate is buffed to 175 mm from 140 mm so the effective armor should be around 230 mm on the upper plate which will only really hold up against tier 7s and some tier 8s. My guess is that it is going to need a buff to be viable.

  3. Every time an article about this tank comes up I think for a second I am about to see a K91 with 2 barrels. Disappointment every time. lol

  4. why would you even comment about the hull armour being trash, when ALL russian high tier tanks are meta perfect made for maps where they can hide their hulls and only expose their god strength armoured turrets, while simultaneously obliterating you with their god like magical ammo?.

    I find it extremely boring to play russian tanks in this game, they present less of a challenge and a super low skill floor.

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