WoWS: Announcements from KOTS stream

Compiled by why_are_pancakes

-tier 7 ranked season starting 5/20 running until 6/16. 7v7 format

-slower coop battles by increasing starting amount of points

-new recruiting station expendable camo

-“Nordic” and “Soviet” perma camos

-Map changes for Atlantic and Loop

-Clan battle season (not news) starting 4/15 running til 6/08- t10 1 BB OR CV per team

-Black Sea Port reworked to Novorossiysk

-premium consumables will become the stadard consumables and will be free. If you have premium consumables, they will be converted to credits once the change is implemented. Crates that earned premium consumables will now drop signals instead

-9.4 has been confirmed as the start of the Soviet CA split event. early access to tier 8-9 heavy cruiser split.

-German BB for coal coming in the future

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