WoT: New Twitch Prime Package

The content of the new package from Twitch Prime has already been added to the game files. A commemorative medal, emblem and sticker will be available.

As you can see, the package significantly refers to the start of today’s Battle Pass. Its distribution will start tonight.

“Royal March” emblem
– Unique emblem bundled with Twitch Prime.

Royal March Sticker
– An unique sticker bundled with Twitch Prime.

“Royal March” Medal
– An unique medal bundled with Twitch Prime.

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Source: rykoszet

5 thoughts on “WoT: New Twitch Prime Package

  1. Epic fail package! Not for me lol WG permabanned me for using illegal mods and hack for no reason, I have never cheated and only used ProSkools modpack. Total lies and random banning of players who don’t cheat!

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