World of Tanks – 2020 Frontline – New Rental Tanks

For this year’s Frontline (starting on March 9) a total of 16 rental tanks will be available as prizes.

5 new tanks were added to the 11 from last year:
T32 FL (not Premium), T26E5 FL, WZ-120-1G FT FL, ELC EVEN 90 FL, STRV S1 FL.

List of old tanks:
T-44 FL, T34 FL, Panzer 58 FL, 112 FL, FV4202 FL, Löwe FL, T-54 first sample FL, AMX M4 49 FL, T26E4 Superpersing FL, IS-6 FL, M4A1 Revalorisé FL.

Source: wotclue

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