World of Tanks Supertest – Concept 1B Changes

The tank was slightly weakened as 1st iteration had really good performance characteristics.

Due to the nerf, the main gun became almost 1 to 1 to that on the AE Phase I.

Changes to the Concept 1B:

• Reload time: from 9.752 to 10.548 s.

• Rate of fire: from 6.153 to 5.688.

• Damage per minute: from 2461 to 2275.3 DPM.

• Aiming time: from 2.01 to 2.21 s.

• Gun accuracy: from 0.345 to 0.364 m.

5 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest – Concept 1B Changes

  1. None of this matters
    only 5% of all players will get this T9 yet ‘another’ or lets pretend its a balanced Reward Tank

    and again none of any this important

    the complete crap Zero MM system that WG laughably calls ‘ladder tier system’ or whatever PR things Wargame says it is … the crap 1 sided team MM will ‘level’ out this

    will ensure this new Tier 9 Premium gets balanced nicely

    1. I honestly despise all these people who always cry when a tank that still undergoes tests gets changed.

      If it is OP but not Russian -> Obviously Russian Bias. Ha I knew it !!!
      If it OP and Russian -> LUL WG nerf Russia tenk XD
      If it is weak and gets balanced but not Russian -> Oh another OP tank why don’t do (something completely unrelated)
      If it is weak and Russian -> Of course OP Russian tank gets a buff WG !!

      I don’t want to say you are one of them but This dual system created by some folks in the community that labels tank either completely OP or useless is just annoying.

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