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The recent news of my intention to create a Direct Democracy Party in Russia caused more resonance than I expected. In the media and social networks on Saturday, I counted more than 500 publications. What was pleasant, but even more unexpected – quite a lot of people came up with sensible offers to help. Great responsibility comes with great strength, and, apparently, it is more than I originally imagined. Having carefully weighed everything, I realized that it would be difficult for me to simultaneously combine activities at Wargaming with active participation in the life of the party. I decided for some time to focus on the work of creating the party and its development. Today I met with the management and stated that I intend to leave the company, my decision was made. With Tanks everything will be fine, there is a great team, do not worry.

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    1. declaring its inevitable and imminent decline, as far as I remember…

      hopefully, his job at WG will be taken over by someone who still gives a damn about them tonks.

    2. -Fake and sometimes over powered premiums. (skoda T27, progetto m46, 703-II, and Lt-432.)
      -Over powered reward vehicles. (Object 279e and T95/Chieftain.)
      -The Fochyou incident.
      -Halloween 2018 and 2019 (How do you fuck up that hard twice in a row. with a year to improve.)
      -The Soviet tech tree rework and the debacles that came afterward.
      -Nearly killed the possibility of an American tech tree rework.
      -Failed to completely deliver the German tech tree rework. (the E100 line, E50M line, and Rhm.Panzer line stills suffers to date.)
      -Failed to deliver the Chinese tech tree rework as well.
      -The top tier French wheeled LTs (everything and below tier 8 is fine, but the tier 8 premium, 9 and 10 shit the bed.)
      -Added the British LTs to the game despite how bad they are, showing he doesn\’t play the game or care about it at all. Before coming out and admitting it.
      -Adding copy premiums that are better than their original freemium versions.
      -Added fake tanks to fill the gaps for Poland, Italy and the Soviets.
      -Hinted at and than proceeded to drop the Swiss and Hungarian tech trees. (They weren\’t \”interesting\” enough or not enough tanks so \”no more tanks.\” apparently)
      -The 3-5-7 rule and the MM rule rework that killed the auto-loading French Heavies, American Heavies and Chinese Heavies. (Only the WZ-111 1-4/5a and the T29 survived the rework.)
      -Not removing arty when he had the chance. and arguably made them worse than their original versions.
      -Forcing Arty down our throats with missions for the 2nd mission campaigns.
      -Removed maps that people liked. Said they would rework these maps and dropped half of them completely soon after.
      -Added new maps, turns out they suck and said they would implement new changes to them. we still have not received those changes yet.
      -Bringing back Province when there are better maps to bring back like South Coast. (Remember they remade Province 3 times, but the changes they implemented are minuet. it boils down to either 2 min. team wipes or 15 min. long slug feasts just like it all ways does. This is why they removed it in the first place)
      -Turned the remaining maps into MOBA maps, 3-2 lanes with a jungle. (see Abby and Erlenberg and the new Polish map.)
      -And finally the Shell/HP rework which is turning out to be worse than the Shell/HP rework for Blitz. Which is hilarious as the Blitz teamed nailed it 2 years ago and all they had to do was copy and paste it, and not fuck with it like they are now.

      These are the mess ups from what I can remember off the top of my head. but he did do a few good things like Steel Hunter, Making Front lines a monthly event, April fools 2019, the Christmas events 2019 and 2020, Czech Summer, the Leopard 1 and STB-1 line reworks, and made the Italian and Polish trees fun to play and relevant, but most importantly the Blueprints. (The Sacred Jedi Texts!) But still some of these events/additions had their own negatives that dragged them down so it\’s hard to say if they are positives.

      Also that last line is such lies I can smell it through the screen.

      1. @ Purecycle – Wow man, that\’s a pretty thorough list (and I don\’t use that term lightly – I am lawyer by profession). Thank you BTW for putting it all down on paper. It is somewhat depressing though to read it all in one place. Among the positives, I do like Frontlines, which is what brought me back to this game last year after many years of hiatus. Last year, the Tank Festival was nice, as I enjoyed the special modes and collecting the dog-tag collection (which was all for nothing as they took it away).

      2. > -Over powered reward vehicles. (Object 279e and T95/Chieftain.)

        This alone should be reason enough for this guy to leave and never come back. I hope his political \”career\” will fail hard.

  1. Nice, first he talks crap about the game then grabs the money and runs. At least we can hope that the next person in charge will be more competent.

    1. More money in politics for sure, but not easy money. Swimming with the big fish will teach him humility, hopefully.

      For us, judging by his recent statements, not a big loss, good riddance.

    1. First Murazor is gone, now Slava, the only thing the game is missing is SerB and Storm actively returning to the WoT dev team to help them. Maybe they could turn back the game from where Murazor and Slava drove it.

  2. Goodbye
    and nobody will miss you that much

    more like 90% of WOT players will say \’Slava Makarov who never heard of him\’

    but were all living with his mistakes and poor decisions and of course all those endless lies over the years

    I for one \’hate him if I can say that\’ for all the damage he did to the Maps both Old and New in WOT

    he deleted many popular good Maps / limited New Maps coming into the game to almost Zero
    then! gave us Minsk (double yuk

    fixed/ reworked repeatedly many good to ok Maps which made them worse then worse than freaking awful to play

    goodbye Slava good luck mate
    don\’t let the door slam on you on the way out

  3. Well he killed any good will you could have towards him with his Interview…

    At least he left like a lot of us here hoped…

    Bye and get chrushed by the political meatgrinder

  4. Ahhh i was right. First he tells \”there are no more tanks\” , unbelievable. World of tanks, but there are no more tanks? Then he tells about having a political party and this.

    Well, thanks makarov for your efforts to the game. I know you did your best but if you just played the game maybe it will interest you more. Why join the WG in the first place?

  5. After some consideration, can\’t ignore the possibility Slava was asked nicely to leave WG and the party story is just an excuse.

  6. Only after we lost Storm and SerB people realize how important they were to WoT….

    They made a lot of unpopular decision but most of them are good for the game with hindsight. Hope they can take a more active role again.

  7. WoT has been shedding players like mad when you were working there and has become objectively worse (gameplay wise) over the years, so saying there is a great team working on it seems rather silly 😀

  8. You all know the rats are the first ones to abandon the ship… right?
    I honestly hope the guy/girl who gets his job…. does better than this piece of…. Money grabber and dreams destroyer (hey, we can dream with a better game right? 😉 )

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