World of Tanks – Patch 1.7.1 Universal 2D Styles

Waitangi day – for any nation and class, all seasons.

Lava ocean – for any nation and class, all seasons

Source: WoTExpress

6 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Patch 1.7.1 Universal 2D Styles

  1. Years ago, they changed the costomization system to paints and camo for different Vehicle parts.
    All they do now, is bringing \”Styles\” which are basically the old camo system with one look for the whole vehicle, but styles are even wore than that, they are more expensive and they are only one look for all seasons, which is dumb.
    Give me more regular paints and camos to be creative. How about to allow all camos for all nations, like chinese camos for german vehicles etc. as an ahistorical option. Do that and take my money.

    1. It\’s sad how WG ruined the camo system.
      In the old days you saw Historical camos only, because everyone could buy it for credits (7days/30days)
      And now clown camo skins for everything.
      Don\’t come with the \”turn off non historic camos\”
      It\’s turned off and I barely see any camos \’cus no one would afford styles for gold.
      Bring back the old classic camos, new ones are TRASH

    2. what i\’d like to see is camos from certain styles aviable as camo patterns.
      For example the black widow style. I\’d love to use just the camo, but with my own emblems and customisation on it, NOT that ugly spider emblem.

      Also more Paints.

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