World of Tanks – New Unique Christmas Commander, absolutely for free!


Stefan Clause – A unique crew member given as a gift during the “New Year’s Offensive 2020”.

You can get it before the end of the event by going into the game until January 14, 2020.

Stefan, like the lootbox girl Julia Winnfield, has 3 perks (3 100% perks, first 2 are “zero” skills and 1 you can choose yourself).

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – New Unique Christmas Commander, absolutely for free!

  1. I just got it on my EU account. Very cool, and he can be left indefinitely in the barracks for recruitment later. I didn’t get him (yet) in my placeholder (though an old 2011) NA account.

  2. That I wanted to ask if can be recruited later or it must be done for a period of time. Those who must be recruited in a time frame period have some countdown or something?

    1. The article says you need to recruit Santa by 14th January (which is end of the Festive event), so I’d make sure you do it by then.
      Female crew from Campaign missions generally have no limit but if this changes they should have something on website under News.

      1. You have to login by January 14th to get him to show up in the available commanders (ie recruit). There appears to be no timeline on assign him to a tank.

  3. You don’t need to recruit him by Jan 14th, you just need to log in and claim him by then. I just was awarded him and he is recruitable in my barracks with no expiration date – just like the holiday ops girls from 2019 and 2020.

  4. indeed is a good surprise. Hats off to WG this time

    knows anyone if there is a limit for his recruitment? Also for festive atmosthere ones?
    Last year they specified that is no limit to recruit them….now i do not see anything about this…

  5. Nice surprise! I guess now I can remove that “normal” female crew member and put a full Christmas crew in the 703-II

    1. He is Commander only you can’ change that ( like the lootbox girl Julia Winnfield if I remember well)
      Same for the free lima twitch commander: She is a Commander ( no reset) with Sixth Sense (as a “zero-Skill“ Perk – no reset ), Jack of All Trades, and Repair. ( 2 skills at 100% you can reset )
      Others like the 4 snow maidens are more flexible : )

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