World of Tanks – (Hopefully Last) Kampfpanzer 50t changes

Planned reward for the final January season of ranked battles. This time WG a bit overnerfed the vehicle and decided to roll back the changes they did last time, as the vehicle wasn’t performing particularly well. These changes might be the last.


• Reload time from 9.11 s. to 8.342 s.
• Damage per minute from 2107.7 to 2301.5
• Rate of fire from 6.586 to 7.192.

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – (Hopefully Last) Kampfpanzer 50t changes

  1. As this is a completely imaginary fake tank, changes are subjected to pipe dreams of some dev.

    I wonder, with zero technical constraints, how is it so ugly. They should archive-up some of my work in early school years, similar creations abundant, going pew-pew at each other, but much better looking.

    1. Well yeah. I must admit, though, that I would have still very much liked to have it because I’m a sucker for German mediums. But then, I wouldn’t touch the horrible Ranked Battles mode with a barge pole, so tough luck for me. I just wish it would have been possible to choose between this and the AE as Frontline reward.

    2. “As this is a completely imaginary fake tank” – Actually it isn’t Afaik it resembles a 30-50 tank for the German Bundeswehr that was mentioned in a book about future armaments/ project for the army

  2. Yep, I’ve seen that book ans read the article about how real this tank is. In short – some author presented a drawing in his book, how in his opinion will the future Bundeswehr tank will look.

    Should I explain the difference between a drawing of futurama and actual tank project? Hell, Leonardo Da Vinci left a better drawing of tank project, why is not the first in the Italian line? Star Wars is crawling with better developed tank projects, and it’s historical (Long time ago…) so WG should copy some of the projects, I would love to see the Trade Federation line.

  3. I actually like this tank – very unusual looking and something you could see in Mad Max or some other post-apocalyptic/future flick from the late Seventies or early-mid Eighties.

    I’d love to have it in my garage but WoT ranked is garbage. Hopefully one day in the bonds shop?

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