World of Tanks – Presumed Loot Box Contents for 2020

NOTE: This was posted as WoTExpress as a “presumed line up”. This is unconfirmed as of now by WG. Wait for official post.

Premium tanks:
1. Object 703 variant II
2. E 75 TS, will come with unique “Becken Kampfgroup” style
3. Progetto M35 mod. 46
4. SU-130PM
5. Sherman VC Firefly
6. Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. K
7. Sexton I
8. AM 39 Gendron-Somua

3D styles for tier X vehicles:
1. Jagdpanzer E 100
2. E 100
3.  Object 430U “Kelevra” style, tested on 1.7 Test Server.
4. Object 140
5. T110E4
6. AMX 13 105

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Presumed Loot Box Contents for 2020

  1. Should we expect the official article to be released today?
    Also, I think AM 39 is the gift tank. Putting a tier 2 in loot box is so lame. Well, it’s WG, so who knows.

    1. Do you really think we care about you? My humble advice is that you should uninstall the game and find another one who suits your needs.

  2. This doesn’t make any sense in terms of E75 TS. This tank doesn’t even have a gold price fixed.

    703 II, on the other hand, is pretty much confirmed, I guess. Just based on logical reasoning: WG needs to put something broken, op or rare into the boxes. Maybe even Type59 will reappear….

    1. I only care about the Type59, I hope it will be available in some way :/
      (This is the last missing tank that I wanted.)

      But this year nothing OP was sold, every new tank was well balanced.

  3. The 703-II has not yet been finalized as afaik they still dont even know what gun to use on it
    The Gendron is the tier II new year gift
    The E-75TS does not have a gold price yet
    The sexton I is a fucking tier 3 ANd an arty, there is no way they will sell that thing for gold or real money, nobody would pay for it alone. Combined with another tank sure, for a marathon sure, but for premium money no chance.

    I call fake on this list.

    1. Obj703-II already indicates what version of the Obj703 will be in the box. Just take some time to think about it.
      The AMR 35 will be the new year gift as far as we know.
      E75 TS goldprice will be added with 1.7

      They are not going to sell the Sexton 1 for gold or money, but put it into the boxes as possible content. Last year they put the leFH into the boxes. So not a big change here.

      1. Again, not a WG leak. Just a guess as indicated. Thus the name they used. The 100mm is still roaming on test accounts. And was spotted as late as last week. So I suspect WG don’t even know 100% what to use on it yet.

        1. Of course it only needs a working brain, some reading skills and a glimpse of logic, to compare Renegade vs. E75 TS, to realize which one is the good, and which one is the bad.

          1. I own the Renegade and considering my skill level/stats (I’m NA if you’re so inclined to look, and laugh) I do well in it.

            Comparison wise, guns and mobility are very similar, however due to the poor Renegades… cupola, it’s good and beautiful turret is held back, however the E75 TS is basically a weak e75 with a Lowe turret will be more robust and reliable vs the Renegade.

            I hate the tumor, without it, the tank is beautiful and effective but not OP hull down with semi useable hull armor…

  4. QB says this is juts bollocks and you should boycott eventual loot boxes in protest again the hidden stats feature!

    1. Dude, let’s be real here. The people who are going to “boycott” the loot boxes will be a very small minority.

      If it is like last year, First of all it’s not “real gambling” because you always get something at least the value (hahahaha) of the money you put it. Second, The skins and new tanks are probably only going to be obtainable through these boxes, so most people who are willingly to spent money, will through a ton at WG to get those things.

    2. And why would i want to boycott loot boxes that give me easily the best value for my money in gold i will receive.
      Also, the ‘hidden stats feature’ is something that many, including myself, are eagerly anticipating.
      Are you really a QB fanboy or your post meant to be ironic?

      1. I wrote “QB sycophant” and the mods changed it to “QB fanboy”
        ‘sycophant’ is not a naughty word

    3. Is QB he GOD of this game? People should stop listening to one or other streamers, can`t you have your own opinions? If you don`t want to purchase anything, then don`t, if you don`t like the game, don`t play it, no one is forcing you to do anything. Yes, I watch QB, skill4ltu, Dakillzor and others, but in the end, I am the only one who decides anything, not them, not Wargaming.

      So many years and people still don`t know how to behave with all changes and updates and gifts and so on. Is very simple, either you adapt with the changes and embrace them, either you quit playing.

      1. QB is the god of WOT

        you are reported and are now on “the” list
        tremble in fear tiny minion tomato your eventual doom is assured, so it is for all heretics

  5. I think the E-75 style is a reference to Kampfgruppe Becker (not Becken).

    if WG does lootboxes again, pls make them obtainable through missions only, not available for gold/money.
    We need stronger European laws against the “surprise mechanic” scam!

    1. Great detective work, Sherlock! Obvious. Why would a Russian secret project 430U (never went into production) get an Israeli skin, that is the real mystery.

  6. I hope this list is mostly correct, that way I won’t have to spend anything on boxes this Christmas. 🙂

      1. @Veroxx: That’s a troll. He’s taking usernames from the WoT forum and then posts shit with the same names here. From what I can see in this comment section, he’s using both the names “Jabster” and “ValkyrionX”. I’m assuming he must have a quite boring life since he has done this for propably a year now and still not grown tired of it. Would be nice to get rid of idiots like him but I also understand it might be difficult to actually do anything about it.

        1. Eh, I’m used to trolls here like the QB thing, but as long as they say nothing insulting or offensive, it’s alright 🙂

  7. I doubt the 703 will be there. E75 was my guess too tbh. The others are not unreasonable either going by what has been in them before. With the exception of the French low tier that seems odd to put there. Even if it’s confirmed not to be the Xmas gift tank this year.

  8. Hope the 3D styles can be also bought for gold at some point… Maybe in the black market like last time?

  9. I wonder what the AMX 13 105 skin looks like… The only thing I’m interested in.
    Did they sell the last year tier 10 skin of last christmas lootboxes ? I don’t remember…

  10. I do agree with everything in the loot boxes should still be offered for actual money instead of ‘only’ available in loot boxes.

    It would be ironic if the main reason I buy loot boxes is for the E75 TS and I get the Russian tank…
    I refuse to play Russian tanks for the simplicity of Russian bias/BS so evident in this game (at high tiers. Low and mid tier tanks are fine.)

    Plus I want that progetto…

  11. Is Christmas…. Start paying WG! Come on! Open your wallets and pay them the amazing year they have provided us! (cof cof cof)

  12. Premium tanks:
    1. Object 703 variant II
    2. E 75 TS, will come with unique “Becken Kampfgroup” style
    3. Progetto M35 mod. 46
    4. SU-130PM
    5. Sherman VC Firefly
    6. Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. K
    7. Sexton I
    8. AM 39 Gendron-Somua

    1. eh… don’t care
    2. Kinda want that big ‘Schmallturm’^^ Not particular strong but the odd style is charming to me.
    3. owned
    4. owned
    5. owned
    6. see above. Also: one of THE best sidescrapers. Stronk tank indeed! A real vkb. The shit that Chrysler K couldn’t dream off to be!
    7. Hm kay? Why not. Need more prem arti.
    8. Uh oh that little one? Had to google but … yeah sure. Want.

    As for styles: whatever. gimme.

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