World of Tanks Supertest – Projet 4-1


Today we welcome a new French Tier IX medium to the Supertest, the Projet 4-1, with great dynamics: a top speed of 60 km/h and a power-to-weight ratio of 26.7 hp/t. As usual for French vehicles, it’s not a tank to push enemy lines with. It may have 120 mm of well-angled frontal turret armour, but only 55 mm of hull armour. As for hit points, it has 1750 HP and a view range of 380 m.

The Projet 4-1 is armed with a 105 mm gun that boasts several excellent parameters: a 4-shell drum, 390 damage per shot, a reload time of 4 s per shell and 36 s for the entire drum. The penetration of a standard shell is 264 mm and with an HEAT round at hand you can punch through 330 mm of metal. As for dispersion and aiming time, it is 0.32 m/100m and 2 s respectively – extremely good for an autoloader!

Its good dynamics and great weapon allow the Projet 4-1 to control the battlefield, quickly respond to situational changes and take out enemies reliably. Consider the increased reload time inside the drum and the relatively weak armour… but a true master will know how to counter its weaknesses and get the most out of the vehicle’s strengths.

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    1. World of Tanks is a historical simulation. How dare you even consider any of the tanks that are in the game are “fake” in any way. Our WG overlords are competent game developers that are making an authentic experience that is unrivaled in its genre. The only thing fake here is your opinion.


    2. Fake? No way, I have seen one with my own eyes, I think in Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi.

    3. To be fair. Wot doesn’t make fake tanks. Wot recreate tanks that were made during ww2 but never built due to a lack of industrial resources at that time. An example of this is the Lowe. It was never built but the blueprints were there for the world to see. So they recreated the tank, even the engine type is equal to the one in the blueprints. Now, I have to give it to you. Wot doesn’t make fake tanks but they do make fake modifications. An example of this is the is3A which now has an autoreloader despite the original having a normal Soviet gun.

      1. Dude I am not one of these WG’s haters but I have to say sometimes WG make fake tanks. The whole Chinese TD line, for an example, is fake.

  1. 105 is just like 90 IMAO, little faster and more damage. I played it just enough to get the crew adjusted.

    But here you got tier IX with better accuracy/aim values, probably a reward tabk so best players can make more regular players abandon the game for ever.

    1. Good point there. I will never understand why Wargaming thought it necessary to make reward tanks better than regular tanks if it was clear as daylight that only the better players will get them. In every other multiplayer game I know good players can only earn cosmetic stuff so they can show their achievement in the game, and in my opinion that’s just how it should be. Honestly, sometimes I think the Wargaming devs are just completely braindead.

      1. In any other place, this would be called sabotage – deliberate destruction, damage to the game. Honestly, often I suspect that the competitors planted several agents around WG and these guys do all they can to destroy the game and the company.

        Or the simple option – some WG captains are complete and total idiots, lead by more idiots on top, that otherwise would have detected the damage and prevented it with some ass kicking.

          1. Should be a professor to recognize stupid moves? You are not a chemical engineer, probably, so how can you tell selling bitter salty poisonous Coke will be a bad move for Coca-Cola company?

            And what does it matter who am I an what I do? Classic derailment of discussion. Speak to the point, you think that giving Unicorns, already strong players, the strongest tanks, for seal clubbing, is a good business strategy?

            1. Unicums can getstrongest tanks by grinding them from the tech tree, lol. So what’s your suggestion? Give the most dedicated players some useless crap so they stop playing? Because pretty much everything except for the tanks is useless crap. People are personal missions to get tanks. People play clan wars to get tanks. People grinded frontlines to get tanks. I’m all ears.

      2. I played a game named Hustle Castle on phone and that one is way way more p2w than wot.
        You must pay like 200 euros minimum per event to be able to get maximum rewards or play 30+ hours per day which is impossible.
        I prefer rewards tanks to be better than regular because I dont waste 10-12 hours per day for nothing 🙂
        Quickybaby just posted a video where he compares Bc-25t with this medium tank.
        I think is more than balanced but that intra-clip…ohh.
        I hope this time I will get tier 9 reward at frontline. This frontline I played 2 months of 11 and I got Emil 1951. 🙁

      3. Have you ever played WoW? Or any other MMORPG? Why in all nine hells a good player who invests a lot of time in the game shouldn’t get something worthwhile? WoT is way closer to MMORPGs with long term goals and rewards than your average multiplayer garbage. Cosmetic stuff in WoT should be paid content, not something you grind for.

        1. Why do you think you know everything? Yeah I played WoW and I liked but many years ago.
          For you that multiplayer is garbage, I played for 1 year and I didnt say is the best in the world.
          Is just a nice mobile game but different. I dont like that you have to pay so much and grind aswell so I stopped.
          I prefer reward tanks to be good not bad. Why to grind 12 hours per day for a shity tank? Only good players they get the tank because they deserve them.
          Play better and get the tank too.
          I dont get these shity players that bump you without any reason and they want good tanks. They deserve this, to suck at the game because they are unsportsmanlike so they deserve a bad reward because they dont invest time in the game and they are not good.
          They only bump you and push into enemy or block.
          I hate them.

        2. Comparing WoW with WoT is way off the mark. WoT is a competetive PvP game where better tanks provide a deliberate advantage in the core gameplay. Yes, there is PvP in WoW, but it is neither a core element nor is it anywhere near as challenging for players to collect gear. Comparing WoT to WoW or other Mmorpg’s is like comparing apples to pears. I bet you know that very well; it’s just that you need a little sealclubbing now and then to brush up your ego.

          1. It WAS super challenging to collect gear in WoW. It took A LOT of time and effort. Dedicated players get the good stuff and play with the big boys, while casuals sit in their own sandbox being sad. That’s how it should be. WoT is way more similar to WoW than you’re willing to see.

            1. This is not in the least about how easy or difficult it is collect gear, it is about the impact on the game. It is one thing for a casual player in WoW to see a hardcore raid player to parade his T-whatever-set in Ironforge, but an entirely different matter to be roflstomped as a yellow player in an E100 by a blue player in a T95/FV4201 Chieftain. Apples and pears.

              1. If you’re a yellow E-100 player you’re going to get clapped by unicums tegardless of what tank they’re using. What’s your point?

          2. I think you said last words to me with sealclubbing etc. Im not the best player in the world of tanks but I try to play decent. And I dont play strong tanks. I liked 13 75 before tier 10 lights for example.
            I just dont get bad players that push you. One he destroyed my stats on new tank Renegade after I played for 10-12 hours daily for 4 days to get that tank.
            Why is my ego high if I give my opinion? 🙂

            1. My reply was directed to WorldEater, who pushes an invalid argument. I understand your point is that getting balanced tanks as rewards for time-intensive activities such as clan wars is not enough to motivate you? Well, I guess that’s how most clan players see it, as does Wargaming. But what about the other players – and we are talking about the large majority here? It is simply not healthy for a shooter-like game (and WoT is a shooter game, although not a typical one) to encourage the development of obvious imbalances – why do you think hardcore players of games such as Fortnite or Overwatch only ever get cosmetic stuff as rewards? I stand with my opinion that good players should dominate through skill, and through skill alone.

              1. Ah im sorry. I understand you but I dont have any clan and I didnt had (just for 1-2 months in the past , 4-5 years ago or something).
                So for me rewards tanks are good to get. This tank at marathon, Renegade is awesome. I just did 5350 damage with him. I know is not a reward tank but just saying 🙂

      4. i also never understand why stats “MUST” be better on reward/premium ones when they also have other benefits like NO CREW REQUIRED, MORE XP, NO GRIND, GREAT TRAINERS and even more credits.


      5. Because, as they have said plenty of times, good players don’t care about things like CWs and the like if there is no OP tanks for reward. If WG were to do the sensible thing and award cosmetic stuff (unique styles, unique medals), the unicums would whine and rage – as it happened when the reward tanks were the Chieftain/T95 and the KV-4 Kreslavskyy.

  2. We definitely needed another effing autoloader/autoreloader/double barreled tank.

    Incompetent dev.

      1. You’re the only one not using their in-game username here and YOU’re tge one telling OTHERS to git gud? I’d really like to see how much of a pro you are since you’re so arrogant. And even if you’re sure that you’re talking to a bad player, why not HELP THEM GET BETTER instead of insulting them? Why must over 90% of the WoT playerbase be such jerks? WHY?

  3. So a reward bat with good gun handling and pen but with 4s intraclip reload as a balancing mechanic? Interesting…

  4. QB had some interesting things to say about this tank. Watch a replay of his twitch episode for today.

  5. “well angled” huh? that’s most likely only between 30-45 deg, in which case the LoS turret armor is only between 140 to 170mm, and that’s before normalization, with 5 deg AP normalization, that’s not even 160mm at most. That turret makes no difference at all at tier 9.

  6. FL 2020 Reward: Dont think so, since WG kept the AEP-1 secret for the first 5-6 months of the gamemode, so why announce the 2020 reward tank this early…?

    Ranked 2020 Reward: Unlikely, since this year’s ranked reward tank was far less detailed when it was announced compared to this tank’s model, which is highly detailed already. Timing also seems odd to me, since the Kpf.Pz.50t was announced in June and we still have one episode of Ranked to go, so announcing it this early is not WG-like.

    Bond shop: Possible

    Loot box: Possible, but would be a shift from previous formats.

    Guess we will just have to wait and see

  7. I love the concept. A new type of autoloader, different playstyle.
    But as it is, I think it’S OP right now, some nerf would make it more balanced I think. Making it as agile as the BatCHat 25t AP would be a good start. Right now, it’s far more agile, and that is not normal… -5 of gun depression would make it more acceptable, and plz lower that pen !

  8. I’m seriously disappointed by how this thing is plain better than the BC 25t AP, except for shell cycling speed.

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