World of Tanks – Well Deserved Reward – The Rewards (No bonds for you this time)

As before, each tier of rewards is based on your year of registration in the game, not the specific date. Be sure to log in to World of Tanks from 28 November 2019, 10:00 UTC +8 – 28 November 2020, 10:00 UTC +8 to claim the following:

Beta tester


7 years


6 years


5 years


4 yearsScreenshot_5

3 yearsScreenshot_6

2 yearsScreenshot_7

A year agoScreenshot_8

Veteran’s Lootboxes

A new mechanic. Works just like christmas lootboxes. They are packed with a lot of already built blueprint fragments, credits, directives, etc.


0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Well Deserved Reward – The Rewards (No bonds for you this time)

  1. Players: Yes, another 5k bonds gift, thats great, i will finally get enough to buy tier 8 premium tank from bondshop!
    WG: Hold my beer!

      1. nice one….and when you play germans in WOT…what the heck :)))

        reality and WOT…2 parallels wich never can meet….sadly

  2. So a bad tank that would be bad even a tier lower, no valuable currency, just directives and some POTENTIAL xp/credits if you get good games when using those.

    It’s a joke.

    They made their whole video joking about how their gifts were famous for being useless and how rewards for merit was supposed to be welcomed, they set the bar high last year by returning a fan-favorite tank and giving away a good amount of one of the most precious currency, and this year they give us essentially one frontlines worth of rewards plus an overtiered underpowered tank.

    I know a gift is a gift and all of this is free but when you look at how much they hyped it and compare it to last year I feel like we’re allowed to be a bit ungrateful this time.

    1. Ok so there are so many things wrong here, 1 this is the Super Hellcat, it’s wayyyyy better than the regular Hellcat. So many vets are excited about it because its a fan favorite as well. Like you stated, you can’t be wrong with a free tank! I’ll have fun with MY Super Hellcat while you sob in the corner wanting the Defender.

      1. – extra 100 dpm, thank God, it’s one tier higher

        – extra 7mm base pen which is unsignificant at this tier, if you can pen it with 160mm you can likely pen it with 167mm. And you can’t pen a lot with either since now you see tier 9 tanks.

        – 20mm worse premium pen which is very bad since you meet higher tier tanks.

        – better gun handling when moving

        – better reverse speed

        – slightly better acceleration by 1 hp/t

        – radio range worse by almost 200m.

        – worse camo by 1 point

        The Super Hellcat is a normal Hellcat that is one tier higher but loses 20mm of gold pen and goes faster in reverse. That’s all it is.

        It’s not “wayyyyyy better” than the normal Hellcat. It’s barely better at all, the improvements do not justify the tier gain, the nerfs don’t have any reason to exist. In fact it’s worse than the tier 6 Hellcat in the stat that matters the most when gaining a tier : penetration due to the nerf of its premium round.

        The normal Hellcat is far from being the great tank it used to be. Right now at tier 6 it’s normal. This thing will meet E-75s and Obj257 in exchange for going backwards faster.

        It’s a terrible tank. It would be okay at tier 6. It’s absolutely useless at tier 7. And it’s not even a premium tank, it’s a reward one, meaning you don’t even gain extra credits with it you just suffer.

        That tank serves no purpose at tier 7. It’s a handicap for its team, playing it is just playing a tier 6 tank with a tier 7 matchmaking.

        1. No, “regular Hellcat“ is Super Hellcat. This is a little retouched SuperHellcat
          There is not real Hellcat in game, unless you play stock Hellcat
          Hellcat should be tier V, tier VI superhellcat should be just a Premium, tier VII superhellcat is for the memes maybe.
          Nerf hard and move to tier IV T67 btw

      2. Dude I’m actually a little pissed, my account is 6 years old last year I never received my rewards, and this year it’s the same. Is it PC only or what??

  3. why did you guys think you will get 5 k bonds???………I get it them giving it last year-after all it was a reward for 7 years of playing…..but to get another 5k for one year?….cmon….REALLY????

  4. The first well-deserved reward was from the beginning of the game till last year.

    Why would anyone with a working brain give away thousands of bond for 1 year???

    Use your head a little ffs.

  5. can someone explain how it is possible I have registered December 2011, and according to the screenshots I must have be playing before beta testing as that started May 2012

      1. That’s true, but it if you dont’t have that much time to play, why waste time in tanks you don’t like at all

      1. I joined in 2015. This year is crazy huge, because I’m getting not one, but two premium tanks. I’d been really worried that I was never gonna get the T-50-2.
        Also, the loot crates netted me 1.4 million credits.
        So yeah, definitely in the “thank you, WG“ camp 🙂

  6. “Veteran’s Lootboxes

    A new mechanic. Works just like christmas lootboxes. They are packed with a lot of already built blueprint fragments, credits, directives, etc.”

    Not really. I got shown fragments from tanks I already elited. But in the notification center the list of rewards was a bit different. Not a WG thing if there are no bugs.

    1. for the tanks you have elited you get nation and common blueprints instead… bug there-just take a better look and think about it…….or you could just join the bandwagon of complainers(god knows they could use another whiner)

  7. When we compare what they’ve been offering @ Russian Server comparing with EU Server… Hey…. They get goodies and we (EU) get…. left overs!
    The EU server is more a Shopping Centre, for players leave their money there and then “show off“ on battle, than a proper game.

      1. Let me re-phrase it: “… what they offered along this year @ Russian VS EU server….”
        Plus, trust me, i follow what they do on NA; EU and Russian server and…. is not the same. Not to mention the chinese because that’s a completely different thing!

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