WoT Veteran’s Reward Program – Medals and Information

Little less than a month remains until the 2nd iteration of the Veteran’s reward program (reminder: last year veterans received T-50-2, millions of credits and a huge amount of bonds on top.), at this time it is still unclear what the exact rewards are or what WG is preparing for December in general, but we can speculate.

Along with the medals, the credit and bond reward is likely to return. We are also waiting for the release of this tank, shown at WGFest.


Just saying, but the dimensions and shape of the tank exactly fits the Object 777 V2. (Tier IX Veteran reward?)

The Veteran Rewards are coming at the end of November – early December, so the official announcement is coming within few weeks time tops.



0 thoughts on “WoT Veteran’s Reward Program – Medals and Information

  1. The veteran reward will be the Tier VII M18(90) as a giant fuck you to the idiots like me who are still playing this game.

        1. I would actually prefer the M18(90) to the Object 777 or some other Bobject. And yes, a Tier VII tank sounds more plausible than a Tier IX to me.

            1. That is probably true, but I for one don\’t necessarily judge tanks by their relative strength. For me, the main question is whether or not I would enjoy playing a tank, and while I\’m not sure how frustrating the 18 (90) will be, I can say for certain that I don\’t enjoy playing Russian heavy tanks.

              1. Looking at the stats I think the M18(90) won\’t be very enjoyable. You are better off getting the tech tree one. It\’s a tier lower and it\’s got better penetration for the cost of a slightly worse mobility.

                1. Depends a lot on the person, I for example enjoy the Tiger II, the AMD or AT-8 even though they\’re a lot weaker than other tanks at their respective tiers

  2. well..it may sound insulting because our, veterans, rewards wich are still long waited are…nothere , (the BALANCE!)
    but if i\’m clasified as a veteran form main rewards forplaying since 2013…its decent. A nice boost to moral…after all those fails…

  3. Soo this tank only for Beta testers and people who started to play in first months of game… Sadly. Started at 2011 but it is still only 8 years… \”only\” so lets expect that \”veteran\” reward only for 9+ years :/

  4. they don’t tend to give out high tier tanks as rewards, the tier 6 T50-2 was a shock, as pointed out above, it was given to a broad range of “veterans“.

    Trying to think of anything above tier 6 ever given out for zero input requirement apart from just turning up.

    There are several tanks, the tier 7 hellcat mentioned, the 777 mentioned and the 752 due for release “early December at tier 9“.

    1. I could imagine the veteran rewards to be as following:
      last year Tier VI T-50-2
      this year Tier VII M18(90)
      next year Tier VIII Aufklärungspanzer V (Afk.Panther)

      Though I would prefer getting the Panther this year.

  5. Started in February 2013 and got most of the loot last time, hopefully I\’ll get something this time too. 😛

  6. This will probably be for alpha/beta players only. I hardly see them give away a tank above tier 7 to lots of people.

  7. oh yes this could be nice ! i\’m in the game since many years 7 years now could be interesting to see what gives this year. AufklÄrungspanther would be really really nice cause its an old classic tank and a light like the t50-2 last year ! could be interesting !

  8. I doubt WG will just give away a tier 9 for free, just look how much FL you have to play to get the AE Phase 1 lol…
    The Awful Panther seems like a more plausible reward or that crappy tier 7 hellcat prem.

    1. I actually liked T-50-2. The gun is meh, but it\’s has a nice combination of enough speed and armor that could bounce a lot of rushed shots. Actually played more of it compared to my Type 64

  9. Tier IX is wishful thinking but I hope I\’m wrong on that one! 😀

    Besides the awful tier II\’s we\’re gifted at Christmas/New Year I welcome any additional free vehicles, so long as they aren\’t totally useless and the T-50-2 was a nice bonus.

  10. Why do people get so excited about this veterans reward? It will clearly be only for the alpha/beta testers. (look at the medals)

  11. The shape under the tarp is the same shape they have used for years to show new tanks. I would not go too deep into it. As I doubt it\’s a high tier, or an object. If I were to venture a guess. I would say the Awful Panther based on what WG said about it earlier this year.

      1. Think it was one of the Q&A\’s in May or June. They basically were asked about the Awful Panther again, as if it\’s coming at all. The only reply they had was that \”we have a surprise for the fans of the tank at the end of the year\”. So loyalty or Xmas calendar was my thoughts.

        1. I have stopped paying money to WG long ago, but I might make an exception for the Awful Panther … of course, it would be just perfect if they handed it out as reward tank

  12. If they stick with low tier gifts for December maybe that twin barrel machine gun tank that was seen at one point before? as for a veteran tank reward maybe a gold pack equal to 1000 gold per years played passed 5 years

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