WoT Supertest – Object 752 Changes v2

To add to 2nd iteration of 752 changes, with this 3rd iteration Object 752 was nerfed even more.

– Average damage per shot down from 440 to 390;
– Average damage per minute from 2.311 to 2.049

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  1. This tank is due for release early December, about the time ranked finishes for the year, and in WG own words, they have a unique reward tank for those who have played in every ranked season for the year.

    or it could be going into the bond shop.

    Usually a very rare tank given out to so few players is rushed through testing and issued broken, as time is money.

    Hey, just like the patrons of WoT, who can\’t do all ranked or frontlines or other events because they have a JOB.

  2. Two rounds of nerfs for a Soviet tank, it must\’ve been grossly overperforming for WG to do something like this.

    Armor profile is still a bit too much though, but I guess by now WG takes for granted everyone spams gold, especially at high tiers, so it should not be too much of a problem…

  3. I am still suprised on the amount of nerfs this thing gets. haven\’t seen an armor profile yet. plain numbers looked very strong, even against HEAT, but this does not at all say soemthing about weak spots. Obj 430U like armore? -> bad idea for the gameplay. armor with small, but hitable weakspots? -> return of skill necessity, which I would appreciate!

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