WoT EU – Break all the Walls with the M48 RPz



There’s a new tank in town, but the town might not stay tall for too long. With its insanely cool bulldozer blade, the M48A2 Räumpanzer has indeed sworn to level all walls to the ground. But there’s more to this new vehicle than its blade. Sure, the latter will act as spaced armour, but this Tier VIII medium German tank can still hold its ground thanks to a good frontal turret plate, and fire back with decent DPM and gun handling.

Supreme – 99.99

Ultimate – 49.99

Standard – 28.45

  • VIII M48A2 Räumpanzer
  • 100% Trained Crew
  • Garage Slot

0 thoughts on “WoT EU – Break all the Walls with the M48 RPz

    1. Do you really think by buying the supreme package it will magically turn you into a better player? You have no use of those 5x per victory bonuses because you seldom win….You are just a liability and contribute nothing in higher tier battles.

    1. What? I converted it to VK168.01, it\’s a good fun tank to play. Bounces enough for it\’s tier. People who were laughing before, respect the behemoth now.

      1. (as nearly every german premium is) <copy and pasted from original comment.

        If you think pz2j is still good, you haven't played it enough. So that leaves ONE SINGLE TANK from your own argument.
        Now lets count the russian really good premium tanks.

      1. hes right,knobs will only buy it,rich spoiled child.
        also no need to flex what package you bought,alright?

    1. https://imgur.com/a/xeW005s
      The tanks.gg armor model is broke, but it the site still got ALL THE STATS.

      The tank seems rather well armored (for a medium!) but only frontally and it still got a few huge gaps (especially the giant hatch).
      You cant angle further than on the SS or your side armor turns paper.

      ALSO something people do not talk about: getting STUCK.
      While most tanks can slide down a hill and use chains to push the hull straight, i can\’t imagine this to work here, unless WG put in an additional invisible \’barrier\’ or something (which i highly doubt)

      Yet the shovel should eat a lot of heat and alike – as well some mean HE (remember the rework will reach us eventually)

      Overall, while it is a uhm… creative tank… an odd kind… i can\’t see it bring anything big/different to the table when its about gameplay. I guess it will slaughter tier 6+7… perhaps fight of some 8, but 9+10 will kick its face in :3

  1. I just seen gameplay of Rez…
    Holly hell is it BAD.

    The weakspot … If you see it live… It\’s incredible weak.
    Needs tiny buff or dies first every match!

  2. People should keep in mind that this tank has very good gun handling, and with proper equipment and crew skills can snapshot very well. That plus the rather quick aimtime means one can poke out of cover, fire and retreat fast.

    tl;dr – you don\’t have to expose the commander\’s hatch too much.

    Also, tanks used to have such weakspots, but I guess people are too used to invincible no ws turrets like IS-7 and FV4201 by now.

  3. 0.4 accuracy. Average damage and DPM. Other tanks handle the gun also well or better.

    And there are other tanks that DO NOT have those giant weak spots, worse gun handling… but are tough enough to take time to aim and have a look at the situation

    I can up-talk it all i want \”Oh if it only meets IS2\’s its very great\” … but that\’s not a realistic every game scenario, is it?

    It\’s just meant to look cool, but its a fail like so many other tanks you NEVER see again after being sold.
    I saw ONE Chrysler K this year… – i sold mine. Mauerbrecher? Nope! None to be found.

    let seee…
    Progettos i see in masses.
    EBRs… VKK… Caerns Löwes T34s… hack! I even saw a few JT88s! Patriots… you name it << its a very long list, but the list isn't that long until you look for those MISSING.

    Those who get played for about 3-5days and then put into a garage to rot.

    For the turtle, i say you will see them more regularly and probably in platoons of 2.
    It can work ridges or small corridors and got insane DPM (0.33 accuracy for snipes!) and all that stuff… as long the enemy is in front of you, it will play its part. Its a low effort tank too.

    You just park in near/in base and wait for targets to line up.
    A tank like EBR or such requires much more awareness and work… (which can be fun, but also exhausting)

    Long story short: some tanks are pretty. some tanks are fun. some tanks are good. some are bad.
    This one is the first and the ladder, but nothing in between 🙂

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