Supertest: Soviet tech tree changes

A branch of researchable heavy tanks has been added. The new heavy tank branch will start with the Tier VII KV-3 tank and include the following vehicles:

Tier VIII: Object 703 II (premium);
Tier VIII: IS-2-II (standard);
Tier IX: IS-3-II (standard);
Tier X: ST-II (standard).

It is estimated that ~ 65,000 XP will be needed for researching the tier VIII.

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  1. usually when a new tank is announced for the Soviet Tech Tree you only need to go to google and you quickly find drawings or concept art about those, even for the multiple variants, that is not the case with the first 3

    meanwhile I gave up on waiting for them to rework the US TT that desperately needs it, its a complete mess and being the \”oldest\” in the game has suffered the most from power-creeping, just compare the recent premiums with the vehicles of the same class and same Tier, they are much, much better and sometimes even better than the same class tank 1 Tier above it

    I don\’t know about everyone else but to me making the game better balanced and interesting for every nation should take priority over a new mechanic that isn\’t really applicable for any nation other than the USSR, for the other nations multi-turreted vehicles are the most likely but those obviously won\’t work the same way as the double gun tanks

    1. there are a few multi gun tanks available for various nations… that were actually even produced. US has the ontos, but i don\’t see a branch around it. for japan you could try to implement something of a light tank branch ending with 4-gun type 60 ss3. germany might even assemble a full branch of such vehicles ending with the VT tank prototypes.

      interestingly each of these tanks would require somewhat different implementations of the mechanism so it might be quite attractive for WG to do. not to mention the different gameplay. if WG dig deeper they might find maybe enough mentions of those actual prototypes being considered based on other chassis enabling them to make what-if tanks to fill the missings links for full branches.

      1. true, the Americans do have the Ontos but WG has talked again and again on how they don\’t want to add recoiless rifles, at least for now
        if I am not mistaken the LHMTV concept (recently added as a light tank) was designed with a 120mm RR, that is clearly not one of the guns it has access to in WoT

        the VT prototypes are also a \”no go\” since they were based on the MBT/Kpz-70 and we don\’t have it in the game, as for the VT1-2 it\’s smoothbore guns are clearly too modern for WoT

        if you think about except for the USSR you won\’t really find \”conventional\” tank designs with 2 or more guns of the same caliber, there are obviously some multi-turreted designs (FCM F1, AMX Tracteur C, T1 HT early concept that had a turret in the rear, O-I, etc) OR a tanks with 2 guns of vastly different calibers in the same turret, or one in the turret and one in the hull, like the Maus, T1 HT, O-I, Chi-Ri, M3 Lee, etc, but I think you understand that the mechanic for those will not be the same as the mechanic for twin-barrels of the same caliber

    2. Yeah, it\’s funny that in the video they are talking about at least blueprints existing for all the tanks in the branch and in the Forum announcement for the ST-II they say \”Of course, it’s only fair to place the real-life project of a double-barrelled tank at the top of the new branch.\” hinting that the others aren\’t real life projects.

      1. if they are real or fake I have no idea, my comment was not even about that, I simply stated a fact with a bit rextra about how only the Soviets will benefit from this while that are other pressing issues waiting to be solved in the game

    1. it\’s the IS-3 \”auto-reloader\” all over again, that one is so OP it\’s not even funny but this time is even more serious because I can\’t think of a non-Soviet tank design that would make use of this mechanic

      there are a few with 2 guns of different calibers (T1 HT, Maus, Chi-Ri, etc) and multiturreted vehicles that would need a different mechanic (each gun have their own individual loader, although in some cases the gunner doubles as loader as well)

      the ones I know with multiple barrels (all of the same caliber) are too modern for WoT for several reasons:
      base hull too modern, at least for now
      modern smoothbore guns (not like the 50/60\’s smoothbore that are much weaker and can still be balanced without becoming ridiculously overnerfed)
      armed with recoiless rifles (they will come, eventually, but seriously nerfed)

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