World of Tanks – Frontlines Episode 9 – Changes

Kraftwerk: The Exam Has Been Passed!

The previous episode was a test for the new map, Kraftwerk. Recreated in a winter setting, it offers a wide variety of landscapes and historical buildings. We’re still studying your feedback and have already detected some areas where we see room for improvement.

In particular, episode 8 has showed that the defensive team had a certain advantage over the attackers, primarily due to the difficulty of capturing zones A, B and C. To make the game more fair and balanced, we slightly reworked the landscape of these sectors to make it easier for the attacking team to succeed. Let’s take a closer look.

Zone A

  1. Fixed bushes, cleared gaps.
  2. Added bushes near the bridge on the road and organized access to them.
  3. The bridge and adjacent facilities were moved, houses were added in the village.
  4. The slope is now more convenient for arrival.
  5. The pedestal with the tractor was slightly expanded.
  6. As a result of moving the bridge (point 3), another street was added in the village, with several houses.

Zone B

  1. The walls of the ruins are deployed for better firing at the defenders.
  2. One pile of garbage was removed in the castle and the wall was changed.
  3. Added bush to help the attacking team.
  4. Added shelter.
  5. The tower in the ruins is slightly put forward to complicate shelling.

Zone C

  1. The concrete zone was increased, which worsened the position of the defenders and created an additional balcony for the attack.
  2. Extended arrival at the firing position.
  3. Added concrete blocks that reduce the firing zone of attackers from the bridge.
  4. Concrete blocks removed.
  5. Removed bushes.

Finally, map lighting was reconfigured to make it more comfortable for players’ eyesight.

Kraftwerk hasn’t come without minor flaws, but no critical issues have been found with it, so the map will remain in the map pool. Keep on exploring it, hone your skills and team tactics, and earn epic medals along with other rewards!

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Frontlines Episode 9 – Changes

  1. Zone A is really opened, but this equals to the Zone A of Normandy, that is opened too.
    Zone B, differently from Normandy map is/was (as I didn\’t played with the changes, can\’t say how is it now) easier to defend (Zone B on Normandy is easy to cap).
    Zone C presented me (as an arty player) difficulties to attack/defend (very different than the Normandy map). Way too much cover both for the attackers and defenders, that forces me to join the effort of attack/defend Zone B.

  2. Took most people 1 game to see that it favored defenders in the areas pointed out. So how they tested this Idk. Are these maps still outsourced to the German non-WG owned studio that still do their own testing?

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