WoT Tank Fair – All Tanks Except for One

List compiled from all servers, but one secret tank remains unknown. Likely to be sold on the last day of event globally as a new premium.

  • 50TP Prototype

  • AMX 13 57

  • Centurion 5/1 RAAC

  • Even 90

  • FV4202

  • HWK 30

  • Kanonenjagdpanzer 105

  • KV-5

  • Lansen C

  • LeKpz M 41 90 mm

  • Lorraine 40t

  • Lowe

  • LT-432

  • M41D

  • M6A2E1 Mutant

  • Progetto M35 mod 46

  • Skorpion G

  • Somua SM

  • Strv S1

  • T92

  • WZ 120-1 FT

0 thoughts on “WoT Tank Fair – All Tanks Except for One

          1. where did you get that rare tank info? They only mention a special surprise on their portal, and I would not be surprised if they just meant their Mutant offer.

    1. you\’re the only one that can count. I don\’t know where people are seeing this \”secret tank\” coming from? that\’s 21 tanks in the list right there. nobody gonna address or explain this? better don\’t expect anything new, special, secret or good in this fair\’s climax.

  1. What T8 prem was anounced and could be ready to be sold?
    The baby E75 maybe but that would be pretty fast after the new VK…
    Turtle just got ingame for ST so not sure if it is ready for sale.

      1. The T-1 LPC could be one of the new reward tanks for the next recruitment season. The E75 TS was said to be a reward tank so I doubt it will be on sale.

          1. the british light is in the game and ready to be sold. But as someone said I count 21 tanks and there is 21 days.

      1. but would also perfectly fit the initially over-hyped premium tank spam fair.
        I, at first, expected them to offer actually rare tanks, even lower tiers frequently than never at all in this fair. silly me… But seeing just all of the artificially “rare“ pieces, usually seen as FL offers, once more leaves a foul taste of classic WG incompetence/greed.

  2. Released 2 SU vehicles, 2 US vehicles, 2 UK vehicles, so most likely one of these countries. Most vehicles released are LT tanks(low impact on game play), thus Senlac makes the most sense (in a WGM twisted marketing mind) to \”push\” the UK LT line that was just released.

  3. Anybody believe, they will release a new prem tank for gold? That wa s way long time ago…
    It will be some old, but rareish tank. T44-100 maybe…
    (I would like to see the EBR, but it brake the frontline way too much, so, its a no for that..)
    My opinion, ofc 😀

  4. If we’re talking new premiums, I guess the newcomer will be the FV1066 Senlac.

    There’s other candidates too, but that seems the more logic choice since the British LT line does not have a dedicated premium.

  5. I thought about buying a few of these, but they want too much money for the bundles and don\’t offer the tanks unbundled.

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