World of Tanks Supertest – New Frontlines mode map Kraftwerk

The release of this new frontlines map is imminent – Episode 8 will come bundled with this new map along with the final reward for your struggles.

0 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest – New Frontlines mode map Kraftwerk

  1. Rearm spots behind the red line. That\’s good at least. As that is a pain with the current map if you get in a 3 vs 8+ on C and can\’t even fix before trying to push again when help comes.

  2. A looks like the new \”C\” and assault on mid and east side look like they are going to be way to easy..

  3. Interesting how this has tunnels…shame they don’t incorporate tunnels for more of the maps in game.

    1. on Frontline mode is easy, cause when a vehicle is dead in a tunnel, it will vanish after some seconds, but on Standard mode, if 1 or 2 tanks are dead, they can block the road in the tunnel, so it will be very frustrating to go back, being unable to advance in the tunnel due to dead tanks

      1. 1) Depends on the tanks that die. It is possible to move dead tanks. 2) Dead tanks can be used for cover. 3) While dead tanks may stop your team from advancing, it also stops their tanks from advancing.

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