0 thoughts on “World of Tanks – WoT To Know (Beginners guide)

  1. Not that beginners congregate at TAP, but I must say: Do start! It\’s a great game with buckets of fun!

    But ofc noobies should learn a few things:

    It\’s a game of chance, so no matter how good you are you will lose about half of your games. This doesn\’t mean you are a bad player.

    There are bad people, sealclubbers and statwhores, cheaters, bots and just zero-skill players, the better you play the more will you meet. As in the real world, most should be casually ignored.

    Shiny new expensive premiums can get you up the tiers fast, but they won\’t make you a better player! Learn as you struggle up the free ladder, and one day, if you feel all this fun deserves a reward, pay the company for some premium time and armor, you will enjoy it more without frustration.

  2. While i appreciate the work, the order might was backwards.
    Why not start with the consumables… tree and then get into additional missions and stuff?
    You start driving and working up and then start gather the stuff all around…
    you dont start with all the add ons and THAN learn how you drive forwards (i mean some play like that, but it doesnt make it any more right)

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