Wargaming in Gamescom – Caliber, Pagan online and more


Once again we are rolling to Cologne at gamescom! – the beating heart of games in Europe.

If you plan to appear there, don’t forget to visit our stand, and if not, you’ll be able to follow everything on our Social media channels.


Gamescom is just around the corner, and Wargaming has most of their titles and plenty of representatives attending. With many popular community figures attending, it’s definitely something to looks forwards to. However, in one question is unanswered, the content WG will show to the public.

The answer is rather simple, Wargaming will likely not show anything important related to WoT and WoWS, easily their current flagship titles. Reason for that is WGFest, where they try to captivate the public with new unheard of content (and new promises). Although,  what is definitely confirmed is the appearance of two titles from Wargaming, Pagan Online and their brand new Caliber. Pagan Online, their World of Warcraft-esque RPG title is launching from early access to full release on August 27th, and Caliber, Wargaming’s take on tactical FPS genre, is already in beta testing in Russia, with EU support announced very recently and will likely be their ace up their sleeve.

WoT and WoWS content lovers, there isn’t much to expect from the event, though sneak peek to new premium vehicles like recently announced tanks like E-75TS, T-1 LPC and M48 Räumpanzer and several new ship lines might have an appearance during the show in the hands of community contributors and streamers. What has a chance of being showed, is a sneak peek of WGFest, which will take place several weeks after the end of Gamescom.

Nothing is certain so take everything with a pinch of salt and wait for the event to happen! Good luck, commanders!