World of Tanks – Biggest nerf in history

They removed the word Schnaps from the canister attached to the rear of the upcoming VK 75.01 (K). Truly underwhelming.


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  1. It was obviously removed because it was a reference to alcohol and that would mess up the age rating of the game.

        1. Are you drunk? This has nothing to do with were the game is from but rather with laws in countries prohibiting alcohol in videogames… like in the USA.

  2. I am not trying to offend you but I get the feeling you must be a boring person for not having understood why they made this post when it could perfectly be mentioned together with the other post about the armor changes

  3. with more and more “what-if designs” (designs/ideas mentioned on documents but not having actually been designed) being added to the game they have no more reason as to why they can’t add the TV-1 and TV-8 (the nuclear-powered tanks) as well as the AGF 150 ton concept

    NOTE: at least for the TV-8 it was planned to use a conventional engine during tests until the reactor was ready to be installed, that being said they were designed as nuclear tanks but don’t actually need to be nuclear-powered

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